Why CBD Oil Is Best For Pain Relief?

cbd oil

CBD oil is gaining impetus all over the world for decreasing chronic pain to many people. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a derivative of the marijuana plant. The level of THC (tetrahydro cannabinoid) is usually 5 to 10 percent in different strains of the marijuana plant. THC is associated with the high people feel when they consume marijuana. However, in CBD oil, THC is reduced significantly to about 0.5 percent in the extract.

Historical use CBD oil for pain relief

CBD oil use can be traced back to 2900 BC in early Chinese texts. In the writings, citation shows how the extract reduces pain and even cures some ailments, such as malaria. The documents also demonstrate the application of CBD as anesthesia during surgical operations.

To reduce the amount of THC, the Chinese often used seed of the marijuana plant, which is rich in CBD oil. InIndia, CBD use is on record at 1000 BC, having three different strains, for diverse ailments closely correlated to pain. Western civilizations followed closely in use; however, the uptake was quite slow. Furthermore, use of CBD waned in recent history from 1000 AD, due to legal restrictions. Nevertheless, the use of CBD oil has gained momentum recently, for recreational and medicinal use.

Why CBD oil is slowly gaining momentum for pain relief

Pain by definition is brought about by many types of ailments. Conditions such as arthritis affect many aging people world over. Migraines are common to many people, especially those under work-related stresses. Lower back pains affect over 80 percent of the American population. Over the counter drugs, prescriptions ordinarily cure such ailments. However, the said prescriptions usually have side effects. In cases where CBD oil is an alternative, the side effects are typically minimal.

According to the recognized blog CBDTrust, it is true that THC affects a person’s ability to function optimally. However, a distinction should be clear of marijuana for recreational purposes and medicinal purposes. Some people will consume marijuana, and still get the curing properties of CBD. There is no reason then to tie THC to medicinal properties if the chemical property is withdrawn.

Some circles associate the use of CBD oil as having similar properties to using alcohol. It is true that alcohol provides a reprieve to people wriggling in pain. However, the side effects of alcohol cause more problems than solutions in the end. Remarkably, some studies show that the use of CBD oil reduces alcoholism.

Benefits of CBD oil

Studies are not able to pinpoint the effects of CBD oil in a person’s well being in relation to pain. The primary reason for this problem is due to geopolitical limitations. Many legislationshave entirely banned marijuana, in effect canceling out the study of CBD oil. Nonetheless, in the few studies taken, mostly on animal trials, conditions such as arthritis find a remedy. Cancer is an endemic condition, without a cure. However, multiple studies show that marijuana eliminates cancer cells in many people, let alone relieving them of pain. Due to this fact, pressure has piled on many legislations to research on marijuana and its benefits collectively. In the little research conducted, scientists theorize that Cannabinoid affects the body’scell-to-cell communication. Understandably, the technology used to understand this system could be better with more resources put into it.

Side effects of CBD oil

CBD oil side effects are often confused with marijuana. Furthermore, the lack of consistency in strains of marijuana brings about erratic evidence. Even though the amount of THC in CBD oil is small in quantity, a small amount usually affects different people diversely. Some people have felt some symptoms like drowsiness, anxiety, dry mouth, or mental confusion. Furthermore, CBD oil affects people with pre-existing conditions such as liver failure, and therefore not recommended for use. Additionally, taking of marijuana in different ways like smoking or eating has variable effects. However, most of the effects do not compare to alternative medication in most cases.

Final Words

CBD oil has proved its worth in many applications used. For people wailing in pain, reprieve has never looked closer. CBD oil is available in many forms like creams and capsules, treating multiple ailments. However, make sure to check with your state laws on the use of marijuana-based products. Some states offer compassionate use laws, for one to use CBD oil after the alternative medication is inadequate. Many current studies come out and refute the rumored adverse side effects of using marijuana-based products.

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