Why camping is good for you

Camping is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Camping helps us socialize with our near and dear ones and also get some fresh air, away from the bustling city life.

Camping is a fun activity as well, as you are setting up the best tent stakes, setting up a bonfire and trekking the area near your camping spot. But do we truly know why camping is good for us? We’ll answer that question by giving you some reasons for why camping is good for you.

  • Reconnect with real world around you

When we are busy with our daily work schedule, we rarely get time to experience the real nature, away from the city. Camping gives us the opportunity to experience the real world outside the city, a world where there is no pollution, a world with splendid sceneries and environment and you also get to breathe in some much deserved fresh air. You get to breathe deeper and more oxygen is released into your cells. The brain needs almost 20% of the oxygen you breathe in to function properly. Camping brings clarity to your brain.

  • Helps you become a good problem solver

Camping involves a lot of fun activities like setting up the best tent stakes for sand or best tent pegs, figuring out how to set up a tent properly. These activities help you become a better problem solver, and you are able to solve problems no matter how difficult they are.

  • Get proper exercise

Camping provides you with necessary exercise. Our daily hectic work schedules deprive us of exercise, which is much needed by the body. Camping involves different kinds of fun activities like hiking, swimming, climbing, fishing and playing different kinds of sport. These activities test you to your limit and help burn some unwanted calories in your body

  • Allows you to socialize

Humans are born social creatures. Camping provides you with the right environment to socialize with people who are like-minded. Socializing helps get rid of symptoms of depression according to certain studies done by the University of Dublin. Your mood and spirits are lifted and you gain a boost in self-confidence when you get to socialize.

  • Boosts Vitamin D levels in the body

The sun is the main source of Vitamin D for the body. During camping, you get the chance to go out in the sun. You are exposed to sun rays for hours, thus vitamin D intake of the body is increased. This helps maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body, which help keep your bones strong and tough. It also helps prevent osteoporosis.

  • You get proper sleep

During camping, you get to sleep as much as you want in the silence of nature in your comfortable tent. A good night’s sleep is needed to help your body function properly the next day. Camping helps reduce inflammation and also improves your sleeping cycle. A bonfire added to that makes you feel cozy in the outdoor environment.

  • Get a break from fast-food

During camping, you have to eat food that requires you to prepare it for an open fire or a grill. This gives you break from unhealthy fast-food. You can also bring healthy food options like fruits, nuts, granola bars and fresh vegetable salads during camping to promote healthy eating.

  • Helps reset the mind

Camping helps reset our mind to normal. City life can be stressful. Every day we spend hours and hours sitting in front of computer screens and work in the closed environment. Getting some natural air and staying in the open environment during camping helps us get out of that monotonous city life.

Final Words

Camping is a cost-effective and fun activity. It helps you to get away on the weekends and enjoy some firsthand experience of nature. We hope that the above reasons are enough to convince you that camping is good for you. Happy camping!!

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