Why Are Peptides Important?

how to live long

The healthiest long-livers are the ones who have longer telomeres. When we age, the telomeres tend to shorten due to cell division. It is called the Hayflick limit. However, peptides, especially epitalon, enhances the production of telomeres. The powerful short amino acids, also called peptides, are the only real chance to extend the life span.

In this article, you will know in detail about real options to strengthen telomeres to extend your life and improve its quality.

Human experiment as evidence

Numerous experiments on animals had been held, but the most important one is a people-related experiment.

It had been conducted for fifteen years in the Institute of Gerontology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. The idea of the experiment was to have two groups of people, one received peptide bioregulators, while the other one received vitamins. The survival rate within the group that received peptide, including epitalon, was 45% higher compared to the control group receiving vitamins. These peptides improved the function of the immune system and brain, regenerated bones’ destiny, increased the level of highly important hormone – melatonin – “the young hormone.”

Why do peptides have no side effects?

We all get used that all drugs have side effects. But the short amino acids are not drugs.

They have one peculiarity is their transportation system that goes through a gut wall to blood. Once an individual took a pill, it passes to a gut where a unique protein delivers it to the blood and lymphatic system. The whole process goes faster than the transportation of amino acids. Then, the same specific protein provides short amino acids right to a human’s brain, allowing them to regulate different brain processes.

See the benefits:

  1. allergy-free;
  2. allowed for individuals with different intolerances;
  3. no hidden side-effects;
  4. approved for long-term use;

It still may be difficult to believe in such an idea of no harm, but it merely explained by their short structure. For example, long amino acids do not have such benefits and have side effects.

Anti-age revolution

​These bioregulators are highly effective and safe for humans. This can be called an anti-age revolution.

The scientists conducted many types of research and concluded that the intake of specific peptide launches renewal processes in the cells and tissues. The old cells that could hardly perform their functions are replaced by the new healthy and young ones.

In general, we are speaking about the suspending of an aging process and increasing lifespan. Peptides protect our body from toxins` adverse effects and load our body with nutrients. What differs them from drugs is that drugs are aimed at canceling symptoms, not curing the problem’s origin. Peptides are focused on the reconstruction of cells working functions.

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