Why are E-Cigarettes Becoming a Fashion Statement Among the Young ?

There are numerous reasons as to why E- cigarettes are considered cool by the younger generations. Except for peer pressure, there are other factors that contribute to the increased consumption of nicotine in the form of E-cigarettes popularly known as Vaping. Some of the factors that contribute to the popularity of Vaping include gray areas in regulations, exceptional branding/marketing of the products, availability of the products and a wide variety of enticing flavors.

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E-cigarettes became popular among smokers as they offered safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. However, due to unclear regulation issues, they were quickly adopted by the younger generation with a different motivation altogether. Today, Vaping has become popular among the youth as it looks cool and the cool kids in school can showcase their unique vaping skills. Furthermore, a lot of money has been put into marketing some of these products as they are not regulated like the traditional cigarettes. For instance, in the US where traditional cigarettes are banned from advertising, it’s not uncommon to see gigantic billboards promoting Vaping products. Here are some of the reasons as to why E- cigarettes are becoming a fashion statement among the youth.

Vaping is Cool

Teenagers are always looking for ways to outdo their peers in regards to who comes to school with the sleekest shoes, gadgets, cars and accessories. Vaping has taken the same angle where if you want to stay with the cool kids then you need to know how to do it. In fact, if you want to look sleek, you need to practice a few ways of blowing the vape.

In the US, one particular sleek brand called JUUL defines Vaping which has a cult like following in universities and high schools. Of course, there are other major brands in the country but JUUL is the most popular one due to its sleek design that resembles a mini flash drive. The use of the product is so popular that it has a name for it; JUULING. In this regard, if you are not Juuling, it means you are boring.

The flavors are awesome

Another major reason as to why E cigarettes have become popular among the youth is the availability of various flavors. The appeal on the flavors has extended to even the older generations. Since raw tobacco or traditional cigarettes don’t come with a pleasant taste and smell, people find it easier to smoke E cigarettes as you can enjoy your favorite flavor juices and the aroma.

teen vape

The flavors also make it easy for the younger generation to hide the e-cigarettes since it’s really difficult to distinguish between that sweet fruity candy smell and E cigarette smoke. It therefore makes it easy for students to smoke in class or within the school compound without any victimization.

Branding is exceptional

Apart from the flavors and the availability of the E cigarettes, it turns out that the packaging is very appealing for most E cigarettes. For instance, unlike the traditional round cigarette, some of these cigarettes have sleek designs such as the JUUL which resembles a flash drive making it easy to carry it around without suspicion or victimization.

Furthermore, some brands are throwing in millions into branding and packaging in order to appeal to the younger generation. For instance, the Smok Devilkin kit comes with a variety of colors and strong irresistible wording such as Devilkin is a born warrior, who grows it’s sword out of the sheath, shining with the divine radiance….. Such kind of branding definitely appeals to the youth who obviously want to feel powerful and grown-up.

No regulations

Although there are regulations that prohibit the sale of nicotine to minors, there are some gray areas that teenagers and manufacturers exploit. For instance, it is illegal for a manufacturer to advertise cigarettes but E cigarettes are obviously not recognized as traditional cigarettes by the law giving manufacturers a window of opportunity to advertise their products even to the underage.


In institutions of higher learning, Vaping comes out as a legal and pleasant alternative to doing other drugs such as marijuana. Furthermore, there are no restrictions as to where you can vape unlike traditional smoking where you are expected to smoke in designated areas in most cities.

Some people believe it’s a fad that will quickly fade but until something else comes up, it seems E-cigarettes aren’t going anywhere soon.

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