Why a Warrior Diet plan works when other diets fail

the warrior diet

Anyone who is trying to build muscle or lose fat knows that after the initial beginner’s luck wears off, she must contend with a plateau. A situation of no change, where all efforts go in vain! The muscle definition refuses to show even after rigorous workouts and the fat loss becomes a distant possibility – leaving you wondering where did you go wrong?

No, your workouts are not to be blamed. You have messed up with your diet.

Remember that abs are built and lost in the kitchen.

Also, muscle building or fat loss is heavily dependent on Growth Hormones (GH), and these hormones thrive in the nutritional deficit. That’s the reason a Warrior Diet Plan or intermittent diet is such a hit among the muscle maniacs, contestants prepping for bodybuilding shows and weight loss seekers trying to shave off the last of the pounds (the hardest to erase).

What is a Warrior Diet Plan?

Ori Hofmekler, a member of the Israeli Defence Force, founded the Warrior Diet Plan. It draws its inspiration from the food habits of Spartan and Greek warriors, and it is quite different from a diet plan that your friendly nutritionist might recommend.

The conventional diet plans recommend eating every two to three hours but you should know your calorie numbers. Starkly different, the Warrior Diet Plan makes you fast for the most of the day, around 16-20 hours. During daytime, your meals will consist of tea, fruits, vegetables – but in limited quantity.

And when you sit down to eat in the evening, you are freed from calorie counting. You are entitled to feast without restraint as long as you eat like a Spartan warrior – which means eating healthily and wholesome foods. Like a warrior, you should stay physically active and exercise vigorously for at least for 40 minutes in a day.

To put it in perspective, the eating window in a Warrior Diet Plan is no license to gorge on a slice of pizza or candy bar. The foods that you will eat should be high-quality proteins derived from legumes, dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables, but with little emphasis on carbs.

At the outset, Warrior Diet Plan sounds detrimental to health. For muscle builders, this diet plan could mean losing their hard-earned gains. Wouldn’t their muscles atrophy in the absence of protein shots at regular intervals? That’s what their nutritionists have made them believe in. However, this is not true.

In this article we are going to tell you why Warrior Diet plan works where other diets fail.

  1. Harnesses the power of insulin to build the muscles

Insulin is an anabolic hormone, and it helps in muscle growth. In case you are wondering how here is the answer: The human body releases insulin post-meal because your blood glucose level goes up. The insulin begins to mop up the extra glucose, and it can be stored in three areas: muscle glycogen, liver glycogen and adipose (fat tissue). Glycogen is the longer version of glucose and is the readily available source of energy when you workout or are physically active.

To stay lean or to build muscles you should be sensitive to insulin, and intermittent fasting will help you achieve that. When you restrict your food during the day, your body will be forced to use the stored reserve of fats for energy. As stored fat droplets begin to shrink your body will become more sensitive to insulin. Working out in a nutritional deficit state will increase your sensitivity further. Therefore, you will gain more muscles for minimum food. Also, nutritional deficit creates a conducive environment for the release of growth hormones, which are needed for building muscles.

2. Lose the last few pounds

For those struggling to shed the last few pounds, Warrior Diet Plan is a life saver. By observing intermittent fasting, the ultimate weight loss hack, you will force the body to use the stored fat for energy. Moreover, the diet plan excludes processed and junk foods, responsible for sugar cravings.

Again, human growth hormones will be at play as these hormones will turn on your body into a mean fat burning machine. Studies show that fasting can increase your body’s production of growth hormone exponentially.

3. Reverse ageing with Warrior Diet

Most diets will make you sluggish and energy deprived. However, the Warrior Diet will keep you energetic and active by initiating the process of autophagy. Nutritional deprivation forces the cleansing of the old cellular material and it leads to rejuvenation of mitochondria. Autophagy is a key process in reversing the effects of ageing and it helps you stay active and energetic.

Fasting stimulates growth hormone, responsible for the increased calcium retention, strengthening of bones, increased muscle mass and better protein synthesis and growth.

The detoxification process during fasting further helps the body to get rid of any accumulated toxins in the various organs like the colon, liver, kidney, lungs and skin and thereby helps in rejuvenation and healing of the vital organs.

what to eat

What should you eat?

Eat subtle tasting foods like fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, healthy and easily digestible proteins like eggs, chicken in your main meal. On the plus side, the allowance to eat carbs which goes missing from a majority of diets will keep you full and sated for a longer duration.

Try to pair complex carbohydrates with proteins or fats for your meal. Also, alternate the food pairings to improve nutrient absorption.

Eat good fats. Include flax seeds, fish, egg yolks, dairy in your meal.

It may not be possible to get all the nutrients in one meal. Therefore, you should have a high-quality multivitamin to supplement the missing nutrients.

Like a Paleo diet where you avoid anything that was alien to a Paleolithic inhabitant, you should avoid foods containing artificial flavourings, processed sugar, refined fat, or salt.

Most importantly by learning to eat when you are starving, you are getting in sync with your body’s metabolism. A few days on the Warrior Diet you will notice that your energy level has improved and you will feel fitter and healthier than earlier. However, starving for a longer duration may not suit everyone. Therefore, check with your doctor online or nutritionist to know more details.

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