Who Can Benefit From The Alexander Technique?

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The Alexander Technique is widely used by a broad spectrum of people and put to use to alleviate, improve and address an equally lengthy list of ailments and conditions. The Alexander Technique though is not to be misunderstood as a therapeutic intervention which is applicable or useful only to those suffering a physical or even mental condition. It isn’t.

Who then could benefit from taking a class, such as those provided by accredited Alexander Technique instructor, Laura Long? The answer, quite simply, is you. And me. And just about everyone. The trick to getting the most out of what the Alexander Technique has to offer is to find a reputable teacher of the technique – like Laura Long who is a qualified STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) instructor.

Professionals Who May Benefit from the Alexander Technique

As the blog post, ‘Hugh Jackman on Alexander Technique for Actors’ by Alexander Technique instructor Sarah Chatwin attests (and which features a video in which Hugh Jackman extols the virtues and uses of the technique and its prevalence within stage schools shows many actors and pupils performers already know about the benefits to be had by practising the Alexander technique), the Alexander Technique is a fantastic means of honing one’s body, balance and posture.

That said, performers and actors are only one type of career people who understand the edge being well versed in the technique can give a person whose career is to any extent dependent upon them being able to effectively use their body. Dancers, athletes and singers all also routinely practise and put stock by the Alexander technique as a means of improving their performance(s). Hence, if you aren’t one of them, perhaps because you haven’t yourself been classically trained, it is never too late to learn.

To read more about how the Alexander technique can be  successfully incorporated into an athlete or performer’s training programme, The Alexander Talk Website features an article titled, ‘How can the Alexander Technique help performers and athletes?’, which is packed full of insightful information and links to videos and resources you might find useful.

Mental Wellbeing and the Alexander Technique

The jury is still out, at least officially, on whether practising the Alexander technique can be regarded as a means of improving mental health. Of its advocates though, there is no question. Hence, the Alexander Technique has long been practised by those wishing to take a proactive and productive step towards improving their mental health, reducing their mental stress and coping with the myriad of emotional strain day-to-day life places upon us.

To learn more about exactly how the Alexander technique might be able to help you achieve these aims, Adam Bailey, a well known American Alexander Technique instructor has written an article called, The Psychological Benefits of the Alexander Technique’ which is particularly engaging and insightful.

Physical Conditions and the Potential of the Alexander Technique

What is in no doubt is the potential benefits the Alexander Technique holds for those suffering from chronic forms of back pain.

The fact is, so much of the back pain and so many of the daily aches we experience, sometimes chronically, are the simple product of our lifestyles. We practise poor posture. We hunch over computers for long periods. We slouch in arm chairs at the end of the day. We buy shoes with huge heels or which do not fit well. We sleep in beds with mattresses that do nothing to send us to sleep. It is no wonder we ache.

Consequently, the Alexander Technique is an approach growing in popularity and now supported by the UK National Health Service as a genuine means of bettering our quality of life and potentially easing numerous physical health problems.

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