Which Legal Anabolic Steroids for Sale Are Safe?

When you need to look good for your gain or competitive reasons, there may be the need to take steroids to give you a perfectly sculpted physique and when the time is right you will see the results.

Legal steroids also go by the name of either OTC, which are ‘Over The counter’ or MIPS or ‘multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements’. These are all meant for specific reasons such as to enhance athletes and bodybuilders’ bodies and help them with the performance while increasing strength, stamina, and overall pre and post workouts and training sessions.

The question remains if they do work. And we wish we had the definitive answer but it’s a likely yes and a no because some do work astoundingly while others don’t make any difference, and have unfavorable side-effects that may last a life-time if intake is not properly monitored.

How to Tell A Legal One from And Illegal One?

Anytime you hear of the phrase ‘muscle-building supplement’, these are the products that are part of the category of legal steroid pills. Also called AAS, Anabolic-androgenic steroids and are manufactured results of the male sex hormone Testosterone. So, these are testosterone in a bottle.

If prescribed by a medical healthcare professional they can be taken for various ailments such as muscle degeneration or lack of hormone production for instance. The difference is, some of these are not prescribed to the users and thus fall into the illegal categories.

Below is a list of some of the legal steroids that are one market.


If you walk into a health store, there is a very high chance that this will be on the store shelves where you cannot miss it. It is widely known as a top of the range performance-enhancing supplement made out of natural substances i.e. similar vitamins and minerals that are found in meat and fish. Used as a muscle-building dietary product, it has several known benefits, all of which have been carefully researched.

Some of the items that it can help the body with are: giving you a boost in your workouts, helps with both muscle growth and repair for both pre and post workouts, reduces the breakdown of muscle and increases hydration of cells in the body to name a few.

Examples of Some Studies Done on Creatine:

This online source, done in a 1999 study resulted in 19 body-builders and weightlifters, and in approximately 12-weeks’ time they were showing almost three times as much muscle growth, plus twice as much body and fat-free mass, while using creatine, compared to a controlled group that was given a placebo. It also increased their overall physical performance. Read more about it here.

Five years later, another study was done with the same supplement, and results showed that when users were weight training it helped them increase strength in their legs and enhance their muscle mass as well.

Yet again, another study done in 2007 concluded that this was the best supplement steroid that anyone looking to increase their muscle mass can use, with positive outcomes and no health risks or long-term side-effects. Although this is not to say that some creatine brands add some extra fillers and ingredients to them to bulk it up, so one needs to be extra careful when checking the best one to buy. The rule of thumb is – the further away they are from any artificial ingredients and chemicals (besides preservatives), the better it is for you.


Another prescribed supplement used by lots of people to help with bulking up and the plus point is that it increased red blood cell count in the body as well.

Red blood cells (RBC) help us send oxygen to all-out vital organs making sure they perform to their fullest. Without oxygen use in our body we can suffer from unfavorable effects such as fatigue, getting tired and irritated quickly, and sometimes feeling sick. RBC helps produce energy and thus makes us want to work harder and further at the gym. Learn some more about this topic on this online source https://sciencing.com/do-body-cells-do-oxygen-6388828.html

Some of the advantages of taking it include increased stamina and strength and easier performance enhancement, helping you work for longer periods, and taking your training sessions to a new level. As you take this substance it helps you to add more weights to your lifting and more pullups to your bars. Another thing it does is to promote the metabolism of fat molecules in the body and preserve lean muscle mass all together at once.

Along with a good diet and your exercise, this is the complementary addition to any routine, but it needs to be a high-quality one to see results effectively.

In any case, it is always the top choice to first focus on a stable, sustainable, and healthy diet to build muscle. If this avenue does not work, taking on additional help through legal steroids could be an option for you as long as you know everything about it including how to take it when to take it, and for what reason you are taking it. At some point, you will need to stop taking them, which is when you have the hang of a proper lifestyle and can see stable overall progress through consistent training and gym workouts.

Asking professionals who have been taking these for a reasonably long period, for their opinion, would be a good starting point when introducing anything new to your system.

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