Which Gynecologist or Obstetrician Should You Visit?

For many years, research has been going on about women’s health with new methods of treatment being brought to life every day. More women are getting better healthcare with these advancements and the levels of complications are going down every day. However, these new methods and technologies need experienced and skilled specialists to handle them. Raveco Medical has set up centers for obstetrics & gynecology in Woodside, Jackson Heights, and Forest Hills to ensure that you get the best of this medical care in New York. They have a team of compassionate, highly skilled staff who take care of their patients with utmost professionalism.

What do gynecology and obstetrics entail?


It is a branch of medicine that handles any issues with your pelvic organs and reproductive system as a woman. These types of issues span broadly but some of them include pelvic dysfunction, STDs, endometriosis, infections, and polycystic ovary syndrome. You are advised to have a routine gynecological examination to ensure your continued health and have zero complications in the pelvic area. If you are a teen, it is recommended that you visit the gynecologist early for you to get a grasp of the changes happening to your body and develop a relationship with your gynecologist. However, you are not advised to have a pelvic exam until the age of 21. Gynecology also involves complex procedures like endometrial ablation where a thin layer lining the uterus is removed when you have excessive bleeding taking more than seven days. Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure and dilation and curettage also fall under the branch of gynecology.


It revolves around the medical care given to a pregnant woman all through pregnancy, birth, and after birth. This is one of the most trying moments in your life as a woman. Obstetrics involves prenatal care where the specialist tests your baby’s heart rate, assesses the blood pressure, ensures your health during the pregnancy, and advises you on nutrition to the moments leading to birth. Periodic ultrasounds are also done to evaluate the growth of the unborn child. This is important as it assures the continued growth of the baby and allows for any complications to be identified and handled early to ease your labor process. The tests done for the baby are trisomies, neural tube defects, genetic abnormalities, fetal non-stress testing, and cystic fibrosis tests.

Midwives provide care during labor and the delivery of your child. A well-trained midwife helps you with your diet and advises on childcare after birth, for instance, breastfeeding. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, obstetrics also involves the care given to the mother leading up to birth where you are given medication, advice on the risky things to avoid, and regular medical tests.

Raveco Medical in New York has a team of very experienced and compassionate gynecologists and obstetricians who are ready to give you the best care when it comes to your health as a woman. They are very patient and sensitive with their clients. Whenever you want pregnancy counseling, genetic advice, care for endometriosis, or even infertility treatment, Raveco Medical has the expertise to help you.

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