Which Colour Jeans Work the Most With Black Tops

Jeans are garments capable of surviving times and fashions. It is a timeless product that practically everyone has in their wardrobe. They are, without a doubt, the most versatile pants in the world and have been recruiting fans for over a hundred and fifty years.

Jeans were born as a work garment for miners. In 1871, cloth merchant Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis teamed up to create pants with gussets at high-wear points to make them stronger.

They patented their creation in 1873 and began marketing the first batches of this new utilitarian clothing, which was advertised as riveted workwear made from authentic blue denim.

It wasn’t until the mid-1930s that Mr. Levi designed to design the first jean for women. Given the time in which they lived, women took this garment not only as a fashion trend but as a symbol of freedom.

But what is it that makes jeans always a trend? Jeans have been a constant garment in all generations because they are comfortable, they are within reach of all pockets, and, also, because the fabric has evolved to adapt to consumer demands.

Women’s jeans for all styles:

It’s no wonder that jeans are one of the best-selling garments in the world. They are comfortable, versatile, and feel luxurious. They are suitable for the office, to go to class, to party, and also for those leisure moments in which what matters most is being comfortable.

You never have enough jeans in your closet. There are so many styles that you can have a wardrobe full of them and none of them look like the rest. With legs of all widths and shapes, longer or shorter, elastic fabric, and more or less thick. There are so many models of all shapes and colors that it is almost impossible to say how many there are.

There are no limits when it comes to combining jeans. You can wear them with a corset blouse, with a blazer and heels if you need to go to a formal place; with a sexy top for a night out or with trainers and a sweatshirt if the dress code allows it. They are so versatile that you can use the same model combined with garments of different styles and they will look like others.

How are the perfect jeans?

Despite being produced in a chain, there are jeans for each person. The jeans are molded and, over time, they end up adapting to the body of their owners and owners until they become unique.

The perfect jeans are those with which you feel like you are going to eat the world and it could be said that we all have a favorite pair. Do you know those that make you feel comfortable with your body and that you want to wear every day? Well, those.

The truth is that jeans feel good, but it is difficult to find “the cowboy”. Fortunately, we can have a favorite pair and several more for a change, because there are so many models of jeans that, sometimes, it is even difficult to choose. To find your wide legged casual pants, you should look at the height of the waist, the length of the leg, and the stretch of the fabric.

Colored jeans – Back in fashion:

In terms of denim, the change of season is the perfect pretext to apply current trends in terms of colorimetry. For this reason, now that the autumn-winter season is about to start, what better than to know the colors of jeans that will now be in fashion again and add those that will be everywhere, to make a timely reinvention of each piece in your wardrobe.

And yes, although we agree that there are shades of jeans that you must have as part of a good wardrobe, we also believe that making the appropriate adjustments according to the season is key to hitting the spot with each combination.

Let’s find out here which color of jeans works the most with blacktops?

  1. Pastel Jeans:

Although these are soft tones that, thanks to their brightness and freshness, favored spring and summer outfits, the time has come to say goodbye briefly to give way to much more comforting tones but, in the same way, without being too contrasting.

Replace them with:

If you like light proposals and low tonal intensity, neutral colors such as beige, brown, cinnamon, bluish-gray, and pinkish-gray are an excellent option for this winter. In fact, due to its versatility, it will allow you to turn them into the basics of your wardrobe as they combine with everything.

  1. Jeans in neon color:

They starred in the most daring and striking combinations of the season due to their intense shine, however, when it comes to wearing colorful outfits for this winter 2022, the ideal is to bet on radiant and preferably warm classic colors.

Replace them with:

This winter 2021 the trend colors will be quetzal green, ultramarine blue, orange, purple and pink. Ideal for achieving an ultra-colorful combination that looks perfect with the neutral tones that distinguish the season!

  1. White Jeans:

White jeans are probably one of the most versatile pieces out there Go with a sexy black cross crop top. However, when the frigid weather requires a touch of warmth, the ideal is to put them aside to make way for shades much more ad hoc to the season which have a little more intensity.


Replace them with:

If you need to wear light-colored jeans, we recommend going for a cream tone. This, despite being very similar, does provide a noticeable touch of warmth that combines perfectly with the rest of the tones that distinguish winter.

Visit Solado.com and browse through their gallery of jeans, compare the shapes and sizes of each one, think about the combinations you will make or what you are going to use them for, and choose the ones that best suit what you are looking for. Reserve them and, in no time, you’ll be enjoying your new favorite jeans.

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