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While free online classes are not intended as a substitute for a traditional degree-granting school, they can be great to review information you’ve already learned or to learn about new things that interest you. Free classes can also be used to enhance your vocational skills, as well!

Even though you will not get a degree or certificate from any of the following resources, they are some of the best and most comprehensive free courses I was able to find. If you love learning for the sake of learning, keep reading to see if you can find any classes that interest you!

1. Free-Ed

Free-ed.net offers a large variety of free online classes by compiling information and resources from hundreds of sources across the web. All classes are 100% free; choose from several educational disciplines, including automotive, arts, language, computers, science, and more. As with nearly all free online classes, you cannot obtain a college degree from them. Instead, free-ed is a great resource to brush up on remedial subjects or learn something new!

2. MIT Open Courseware

Brought to you from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT Open Courseware offers a selection of 1800 free online classes. MIT compiles and publishes nearly every aspect of the course content on their website, where you can then work through these classes at your own pace. You will not get a degree or certificate from completing these courses, and you may not have access to all the materials used in a specific course. However, with such a large amount of courses to choose from, you are sure to find something to help further your education or brush up on existing skills.

3. U.S. Small Business Administration

If you’re interested in learning new business skills or refreshing your knowledge of existing skills, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a selection of free business courses to help you achieve your goals. You can take courses in accounting, small business management, preparing a business plan, and more. Whether you already own your own business or would like to start one, these free classes should help you.

4. Online Education Database

The Online Education Database (OEDB) offers links to 200 free online classes compiled from various sources across the web. These classes are 100% free and you can choose from a selection of courses in natural science, math, theology, health, family, and more. These links are definitely worth checking out; they seem to have a lot of interesting courses to choose from!

5. University of Washington

While not nearly as extensive as other free education resources, the University of Washington offers a sampling of some very unique free classes you can take via their OpenUW course section. Learn about Greek mythology, Shakespeare’s comedies, and Tolkien’s approach to fantasy writing, to name a few. These classes are definitely built for fun more than anything else, but you can enjoy the unique sampling of courses here for free.

These are certainly not the only places to find free online classes, but I believe they are some of the most comprehensive educational resources offering free courses directly from the comfort of your own home. While you will not receive a certificate or degree from any of these courses, they are great for learning new skills, brushing up on existing skills, or simply learning something new for fun and educational enrichment.

Do you have any experience taking any free classes online? How have they benefited you, if at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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