When Is the Best Time to Take CBD Oil – Create Your Own Routine


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When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

If you are new to the CBD journey, you’re probably wondering if there’s an optimal time to take CBD. This isn’t a one size fits all situation. The ideal time for taking CBD is when doing so best fits into your routine.

For those who are testing the CBD waters, there are some considerations that you may want to keep in mind before you create the CBD routine that works best for your schedule.

There is no single application when it comes to CBD. Taking CBD first thing in the morning is relatively common among users for its awakening effects. Others prefer to take it at lunch or in the early afternoon when their energy levels start to slacken. Some, however, report feeling relaxed after taking CBD and prefer to take it in the evenings or before bed.

MORNING vs. NIGHT: Which Is Best for You?

The choice is yours! If you are just starting out, you may want to try different times to see what works for you before you commit to a set routine. If you find that CBD has awakening effects in the evening or makes you drowsy in the morning, try adjusting when you take it each day.

The effects depend on the dosage. If you plan on taking CBD in the morning, try taking a lesser dosage at night. CBD in large quantities can produce a drowsy effect, whereas taking it in a lower amount can provide the energy that you are looking for.

If you plan on taking CBD to help you sleep, we recommend taking it about 30 minutes before bedtime. Doing so will help you calmly doze off and get a good night’s sleep.

What Is the Right CBD Dosage for Me?

For the outliers, you are not restricted to a day or night schedule; you can take CBD  once a day or even a few times a day. Instead of constraining yourself to a morning or evening schedule, take little doses of CBD spread out over a day. If you plan on incorporating CBD into your regimen, map your day carefully such that you have time in your daily schedule to take the drops or those delicious gummies.

Dosage is subjective. Our bodies are different; what works for someone may not be the same for you. Since body chemistry is not the same across all humans, we recommend you start with the lowest concentration you can find.

From this initial dosage, monitor your body’s reaction to the compound. After that,  slowly increase the amount while keeping tabs on your body’s response.  Once you find out what works best for you, move on to scheduling.  

Consistency Is Key

Maintaining a set routine helps maintain physical and mental well-being. Since CBD acts more like a supplement, taking it every day should be fine. As previously mentioned, the ideal routine is to take a little at a time throughout the day.

If you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to set up a routine, consider taking some in the morning soon after breakfast. Next time could be after your midday meal. Being consistent ensures you will reach your health goals.

Different Ways to Take CBD

CBD comes in many forms. Although CBD oil is the most popular among users, there are many more ways to incorporate it into your regimen. Let’s look at the 5 common ways to consume CBD.

  1. CBD Edibles: CBD gummy bears and candies are the ideal way to consume CBD in a fun, familiar way.
  2. CBD Syrup: CBD syrup is the perfect natural sleep remedy.
  3. CBD Coffee/ Tea: CBD coffee and CBD tea are delicious ways to spice up your daily routine. Start your morning with CBD-infused gourmet Colombian coffee and unwind in the evening with some chamomile & peppermint CBD tea.
  4. CBD Capsules: These CBD gel caps offer a familiar and simple way to get your daily portion of CBD- You just swallow them!
  5. CBD Concentrates: This extremely pure form of CBD can be mixed into food or beverages without sacrificing taste.

Ready to Give CBD a Try?

There’s really no ideal time to take CBD during the day. It all depends on what works best for you. In order words, only you can come up with that ideal routine. Unfortunately, it will take a little time to figure it out.  The more you take CBD, the more likely it is that you’ll develop this routine based on how it affects you at various times in the day.

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