When Is the Best Time to Get Varicose Veins Treatment?

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Managing varicose veins requires proper planning and getting timely treatment. If you suffer from this condition, you may wonder when is the best time to seek treatment. Varicose veins appear as twisted, enlarged veins and primarily affect the legs, but any superficial vein can be varicose. Often fall and winter present the best weather conditions for helping patients better manage the symptoms and help with their recoveries. So you may want to consider seeking treatment during the cooler months. However, that does not mean you cannot get treatment during the hotter months. Varicose veins can be treated any time of the year. Get treatment for varicose veins in Port Saint Lucie to improve your quality of life.

Reasons to Start Treatment in Fall and Winter

There are many reasons you would want to wait until the cooler months arrive to start treatment for your varicose veins conditions.

Optimal Healing

Many people will use compression stockings as an option for the treatment of varicose veins. The stockings are designed to fit snugly and assist in keeping the flow of blood, which may lessen the pain and swelling which comes with varicose veins. The setback is that many people do not enjoy wearing those special stockings during hot and warm months. Winter and fall are the months that many people feel comfortable in compression stockings.

Insurance Coverage Cycles 

The cooler months of winter and fall tend to coincide with the coverage cycles for insurance companies. Often, insurance coverage begins a fresh year in January. However, when you start treatment in the fall, insurance usually turns over in time for surgery. This is if surgery is necessary after pre-op treatments. It is crucial to realize that insurance turnover is critical if a patient has a yearly cap.

Additionally, insurance companies tend to first ask for a conservative treatment protocol. This can make therapy take a lot of time. Starting your varicose treatment assessment in the fall months puts you in a better position for a great start on your treatment come the New Year.

Cooler Months Treatment Prepares Legs for Warmer Months

When you start treatment in winter or fall, it helps prepare your legs for the hot summer months. During these months, you want to be wearing shorts, spending time on the beach or park, and feeling confident. You do not want to worry about the look of your legs. If you get treatment in fall or winter, it will make your summer days more comfortable, confident, and happy as you can go about your outdoor activities without worrying about your legs.

Once you have received treatment, you need to adjust your lifestyle. For instance, you should avoid sitting and standing for extended periods. You also want to ensure you move the legs often. This helps keep the blood flowing, aiding in the healing process. If you have excess weight, you should shed some pounds to take off pressure from your legs. Do away with tight clothing because they tend to restrict the flow of blood below the waist. Blood flow is essential during the healing process.

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