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You would be forgiven if you are thinking that a chiropractor does is helping with the pain in your back, slipped discs, neck pains and injuries due to whiplash. If that is exactly what you are thinking then do not worry because you are not alone. However, and more importantly, you have to rid yourself of that kind of thinking because Chiropractor Singapore does way more than just fix the occasional body pains.

Chiropractic care stems from the idea that the body can heal itself. The mind and the body are powerful entities and if that power is properly harnessed, it can do great things that you don’t even know is possible. Do not worry as the practice is not some voodoo magic or is just some salesman trying to sell you snake oil. The practice itself has been around for millenia and is based on sound science and have proven to be effective time and time again.

In this article we are going to talk about some of the conditions that your chiropractor can take a look at..

Chiropractor Singapore: Anxiety and Stress

Stress comes from three main sources and they are the environment, our emotions, and our body.

The stress from the environment can be from the weather, noise, and even physical threats and pressures brought upon by time and standards in performance. Meanwhile, the stress from bodily sources can be due to organ malfunction, disease processes, poor sleep, poor nutrition and injury to our physical body. And finally, what seems to be more common nowadays, at least in the usage of the word, is the stress that comes from emotions. This stress has proven to be quite harder to pinpoint and define. However this stress can come from the entirety of our reactions. This means that the stress can spring up from just about anywhere. It can be from thought, emotion or both. Basically, emotional stress can be attributed to stress from the environment and from our physical body.

It has been observed that the professions that we perform in everyday are becoming more and more complex and convoluted. This is true especially since the world of business steadily becomes much more competitive than ever before. The physical or stress from the environment that includes noise, water and air pollution have been seen to have become worse and worse this past few decades. This is especially true in the western part of the world. This is the reason why we now have psychological and emotional stress that is caused by the building awareness of all our troubles. This is no surprise given that there are tragedies left and right happening now in the world. And the speed by which these terrible news reach us in the internet age has become one of the sources of our stress as well.

It comes as no surprise that the many illnesses that is brought upon by the modern world may actually be caused or made worse by stress. This is because stress triggers our natural response to illness which is flight or fight. Biologically speaking, such a response can have a systemic reaction that can affect our entire body. The hypothalamus which is situated the brain, for instance, can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This can in turn cause a sudden increase the rate by which our heart pumps the blood through our body. This can mess up the usual cycle and leave other parts of our body functions  hanging.

Chiropractor Singapore: How Chiropractors can Help

Your chiropractors can help the release of the brewing tension in the muscles. It has been seen that one of the effects brought upon by chronic stress is that it can lead to nerve irritation which will then create an uneven pressure on the body’s skeletal system. This, in turn, can then be the cause of having our spinal column misaligned. Having a chiropractor take a look in can be beneficial.

It has to be noted that chiropractic treatments can be done to reduce spinal nerve irritation. This will then improve your blood circulation, which will then help by telling the brain that it should no longer turn on the fight or flight response. This results in a lot of tension being released from the bottled up stress because of it.

Finally, the doctors or chiropractic can also give you tips regarding nutrition. Mainly, he or she can give vitamins as a supplement to your healing process. For instance, vitamin b complex, can be a huge boost to your efforts. And he or she may also teach you some exercises that you can perform on your own once you step out of the chiropractic clinic. Even the way you sit, stand, and lay down can be adjusted to help with your problems.

Chiropractor Singapore: Headaches and Migraines

A lot of people right now around the world suffer from migraines. A quick survey done on Singapore found an astounding 8 out of 10 people claiming to have experienced a migraine in the past year alone. Migraine comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be persistent and paralyze our body to the point of becoming unproductive for the rest of the day. It can also be dull and nagging which some consider to be the worst kind. And finally, it can cause nausea which is symptomatic of other problems that it is now causing your body. Nowaday, the go-to solution when experiencing severe head pain is to take pain killers, rest and just hope for the best. Now, we have another option.

A study showed that chiropractic treatments done on the head and neck area has severely limited the pain caused by headaches and migraines.

As a matter of fact, the majority of headaches can even be traced to muscle tightness and tension found on our necks. This has become quite common among the Singaporeans who have spent a lot of hours being in the exact same position.

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