What You Ought to Know About Telemedicine in Florida

Technological advancements are facilitating particular changes in the field of medicine and the connection between caregivers and patients. If you have a busy schedule, telemedicine grants immediate medical assistance through your smartphone or computer. If you need telemedicine in Deerfield Beach, FL, for emergency care, consultations, or follow up treatments, you can trust Soffer Health Institute’s board-certified cardiologist, Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC. Contact the practice to learn more about telemedicine offered at the practice.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine implicates the use of electronic technologies to offer health care evaluations out of the conventional hospital setting. Your provider conducts virtual consultations to determine if you need to make a physical visit for further attention.

You may contact the Soffer Health Institute via:

  •   Apps like WhatsApp and Facetime
  •   Videoconferencing
  •   Phone calls

Telemedicine services allow you to commune with a certified practitioner when experiencing urgent symptoms at home or office. Your provider discusses particular concerns with you and evaluates physical symptoms through virtual technology without experiencing delays.

In case you need further treatment, your provider can refer you to an emergency room or an in-office visit to address new, subsequent, or urgent symptoms. New and subsequent patients can seek telemedicine from Soffer Health Institute through relevant channels.

Should I Consider Telemedicine Services?

Telemedicine lets you get immediate medical attention for existing medical conditions that could limit your ability to make a physical visit to Soffer Health Institute. Virtual visits grant access to top-notch primary and cardiology care remotely and instant explanations about certain symptoms or complications of treatment procedures.

You can sign up for telemedicine services at the Soffer Health Institute for help in managing chronic health conditions that require the regular attention of a specialist, maintaining a busy schedule, or in-office visits are out of the question.

What to Expect During Telemedicine Appointments?

During a pre-scheduled appointment, you are connected with a provider through your technology of choice. Your provider reviews your existing health, medical history, and current medication. To deliver the best results, the Soffer Health Institute emphasizes customized treatment plans for each patient visiting physically or online.

Your practitioner discusses symptoms and particular health concerns. A video call evaluates physical symptoms like open wounds, skin rashes, and enlarged veins.

In some incidences, the team recommends an appropriate treatment for your symptoms. For adverse conditions, you may need to make a visit to the office for further attention, tests, or visit the emergency room for immediate medical attention.

Other Services Offered at Soffer Health Institute

You may use telemedicine to speak to your provider if suffering from:

  •   Varicose veins
  •   Spider veins
  •   Leg pain
  •   Leg circulation
  •   Restless legs
  •   Swollen legs
  •   Vascular problems
  •   Vein evaluations
  •   Cardiology
  •   Primary care
  •   Mitral valve prolapses
  •   Diet and weight loss
  •   Allergies

Bottom Line

Request an appointment online or call Soffer Health Institute to find out more about the proven benefits of telemedicine offered at the Soffer Health Institute. If you have a busy schedule or suffering from a chronic condition, you can benefit from telemedicine from home or your office. Soffer Health Institute uses advanced diagnostic tech and personalized treatment to improve vascular function and overall health.

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