What You Need to Know to Select the Right Physical Therapy Orange County Specialist


Were you recently involved in an accident that resulted in a debilitating injury?  No doubt, such an injury can be life-altering and may even feel as if you are experiencing a major setback. However, through physical therapy injuries can be thoroughly assessed to aid in regaining full mobility and restoring one’s independence. However it’s important to select a qualified physical therapy Orange county specialist.

How to Determine Whether an Individual Requires Help from Physical Therapy Orange County Experts

How does an individual know whether they require the services of a skilled physical therapist? Typically if a person has a serious injury that causes lots of pain, limits mobility and loss of function the help of a physical therapist is necessary to fully restore good health. Physical therapists work with both adults and children.

Physical therapy can improve a range of physical injuries which can include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This is an increasingly common condition characterized by numbness and pain in the hand and arm.

Amputation – Amputees are individuals who have to live without a residential limb. Physical therapy can teach amputees how to improve their functional abilities

Sports-related injuries– Sports-related injuries such as tendonitis, shoulder impingement and a tear in a ligament may require intense physical therapy.

Stroke – After a stroke, a patient may have a loss they’re the ability to walk, talk and function as normal.

A physical therapist can help treat a plethora of medical conditions. A patient may be admonished by they’re a physician to see a physical therapist. A therapist plays a major role in the recovery process of a patient since they often work closely with the patient, the patient’s doctors, and close family members to endure they develop full mobility. What many people don’t know is that physical therapists can also prevent injuries before they occur. They determine the problem area, analyze the range of movements and then offer helpful strategies.

Where Are Physical Therapy Sessions Offered?

Physical therapists operate in a variety of settings. They work in hospitals, doctor offices nursing homes and have private practices.  An individual with a severe injury that prevents them from leaving they’re home may qualify for an at home therapist that actually travels to their house to administer therapy sessions.

The physical therapist also works along with sports team. It’s common for athletes to sustain injuries that leave them unable to participate in sports activities. The physical therapist is there to assess they’re injuries and help develop a plan to get them back in the game if possible.

What Happens At The First Session?

The first session will mainly deal with evaluating the patient’s condition. Typically, the physical therapist will gather information about the patient’s illness and injury. They may also take specific measurements regarding your impairment which will encompass factors such as; range of motion, balance, joint mobility and strength. All of this information is used to help develop a recovery plan to increase the patient’s functionality.

How to Prepare for A Physical Therapy Orange County Session

If an individual has never had physical therapy before they may be skeptical about the whole process and a bit unsure. Yet, there are a few things that can be done in they’re part to ensure a positive experience.  First, it’s important to make sure you’ve chosen the right therapist.  The patient should always ask questions before scheduling an appointment. Here are some important questions that should be asked prior to scheduling the first session:

How many patients do you work with at one time?

Some therapists work individually with each patient while some book more than one appointment for a specific time slot.

What is the cancellation or no-show policy?

Some clinics charge a cancellation fee in the event that the patient doesn’t show up or if the patient doesn’t cancel they’re appointment 24 hours in advance. Being aware of the cancellation policy helps prevent costly mistakes.

Will The Same Therapist Be Used On Each Appointment?

Another important question that a patient should ask is whether they can expect to be treated by the same physician on each appointment. Some clinics may schedule the same therapist for a patient. This can be beneficial to the recovery process because it allows the patient to develop a healthy therapeutic relationship with the therapist. On the other hand, some clinics schedule patients with the first available therapist on the schedule. The benefit of this is that the patient will be able to experience a range of different treatment strategies that can have a positive impact on the patient’s recovery. The patient will have to decide whether they would feel better being treated by the same therapists or if they don’t mind the possibility of seeing a different therapist on every appointment.

Patients should hire a PT that has experience working with that specific type of injury. This is imperative because they’ll want to be sure that they are able to adequately assist in their rehabilitation. Most therapists are board certified specialist which means that they’ve undergone rigorous testing and training treating individuals dealing with a specific condition.

Keep in mind that the goal of the physical therapist is to work with the patient to accomplish their specific goals. That is why the patient should make it clear at the outset what it is they are hoping to improve or accomplish by undergoing therapy. There should be an open line of communication between the therapist and the patient. Therefore, if the patient doesn’t understand something they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, they form a strong alliance in working towards a healthy recovery.

No doubt, there are a host of questions that a patient might have when in the process of searching for an experienced physical therapist. Yet, most patients will find that once they’ve met their physical therapist and started working they’re setting goals that all they’re fears will be dispelled. Understanding the role that the physical therapist plays in the recovery process helps patients to have realistic expectations about the outcome of rehabilitation. This helps set a positive outlook which helps create a good experience.

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