What You Need to Know About Glucose


The body is an amazing thing. Everybody is generally made the same way. There are many things that the body has in place to maintain a healthy body like the way that the body process foods and their sugars. But, there are some bodies that do not function as well as they should. These bodies have trouble processing the sugars correctly. Due to the improper function of these cells in the blood stream, it can lead to chronic or even fatal problems. Luckily, most of this can be avoided if maintained correctly.

Glucose’s Role in the Body

Glucose is in most foods. It is a natural sugar that is turned into energy for the body. Without it, the body would have no energy to burn. Glucose provides the necessary energy that makes it possible to do simple daily tasks. This is why it is so important to have healthy, balanced eating habits. Following closely to the food pyramid can help prevent individuals from developing sickness that may come with unbalanced sugar levels.

Possible Conditions from Imbalance

When the body is unable to maintain glucose properly, it can lead specifically to two different types of diagnoses. The first being hyperglycemia, and the second possibility is called hypoglycemia.


Hyperglycemia can be very serious, and is more commonly referred to as diabetes. hyperglycemia can lead to the damaging of the kidney as well as many other problems in the body that could potentially be fatal, especially if it is not treated quickly and correctly. Some of the signs of Diabetes is constant thirst, dramatic weight loss and headaches.


Hypoglycemia is the complete opposite of hyperglycemia (diabetes). This sickness is caused due to a body making too much insulin. The insulin then burns up the glucose intake faster then it should. For those that may suffer from hypoglycemia, there are a few red flags that may be experienced. Some of them are: dizziness, headaches and depression.

Keeping Things in Check

These two different illnesses are complete opposites and cannot be treated in the same manner. Diabetes requires consistent trips to the doctors office, especially for those who are just learning how to maintain this new way off life. Your doctor will provide you with your insulin shots, teach you how to read your glucose monitor and tell you how much insulin you need to take to maintain your sugar levels.

Those who have hypoglycemia can commonly live a more normal life than a person with diabetes. Hypoglycemia can be easily treated with having better eating habits. Having hypoglycemia does not mean that eating sweets all the time is going to work. In fact, supplementing low sugar with candy bars in some cases cause the original symptoms to become even more severe.

Even with diabetes or hypoglycemia, it is possible to live a normal everyday life. When suffering from either of these it is important to maintain healthy eating habits. If the body is treated correctly in the first place, there is a possibility that these diseases can be prevented. When the symptoms present themselves, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Going to a physician for a blood test is the only full-proof way to discover if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia.

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