What You Need to Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction


Your smile is a significant part of you; it compliments your appearance and promotes your confidence. It involves healthy teeth and the overall oral system that makes the smile perfect. Having dental issues prevents you from achieving your best smile.

Suppose you have more than one dental problem, a full mouth reconstruction in Encino can help restore your health and smile back. At Sargon Dental, they offer comprehensive dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, to transform and enhance your smile. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction, contact their offices today to schedule your consultation.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves various dental techniques to enhance and restore a beautiful smile. The method aims at repairing, replacing, and restoring your damaged teeth, hence improving your smile.

At Sargon Dental, Dr. Lazarof uses endodontics, cosmetic, and general dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance and to maintain your teeth and gum’s health.

What Procedures Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Involve?

Every complete mouth reconstruction treatment is different. Some of the procedures that Dr. Lazarof offer include:

Dental implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, your provider will first suggest dental implants. At Sargon Dental, the team uses Ultra Tooth implants which are the only implants for immediate use after surgery.


Veneers involve placing custom-crafted shells of porcelain on the front part of your teeth. They are effective in improving and restoring crooked and stained teeth.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges involve oral techniques to repair and replace destroyed and missing teeth. Crowns occur as tooth-shaped coverings. They prevent weak teeth from decay, chipping, or cracking.

A bridge replaces a missing tooth; it joins the gap between two crowns, enhancing your smile.

Root canals

A root canal procedure occurs when your tooth has an infected pulp. It saves the tooth from extraction.

Other treatments that may occur during full-mouth reconstruction include:

  •       Dentures
  •       Gum grafting
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Invisalign

Dr. Lazarof develops each treatment to address your specific concerns.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Before recommending a treatment plan, your provider first begins by performing an oral exam. Then he reviews your health history and enquires about your treatment expectations. Generally, if you feel insecure with your teeth and gums due to various dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction can be your Ideal treatment.

Dr. Lazarof focuses on helping you achieve impressive results to meet your desired goals.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction has many benefits, such as:

  •       It prevents further oral damage and reduces the oral health risks to the remaining teeth.
  •       It improves, enhances, and restores your smile, boosting your confidence and life quality.
  •       Full mouth reconstruction promotes your oral health and overall health.
  •       A full mouth reconstruction allows the same dental team to address your issues, enhancing uniform and matched restorations.
  •       It helps you save on money and time you could have used for the various treatments you could have had.

Contact a Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist Today

A full mouth reconstruction helps you restore and better your smile using different techniques. Dr. Lazarof is an expert and aims at helping you meet your desired results. Call his office at Sargon Dental to enjoy this service and achieve a better smile.

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