What You Need to Do About Your Oxycodone Addiction

Although oxycodone is used to relieve pain, it is an addictive drug. It is an opioid and a narcotic, and when used regularly, it can become hard to stop as your body can develop a dependency on it. If you are at the point where you feel alone and helpless due to the withdrawal and mental symptoms that are hard to deal with as you try to stop using the drug, addiction treatment for Oxycodone in Glendale is available at 2nd Chance Treatment Center. Contacting professionals is one of the great things you need to do towards overcoming your addiction. However, you can do more to help manage your addiction, as seen below.

  •   Know Your Level of Tolerance

This is where you think about the time you have taken the oxycodone drug to understand the level of your withdrawal symptoms. If you have taken the drug for a long time and your body has already developed tolerance, it means that you are more likely to experience worse symptoms, and this can help your provider to create the best treatment plan for you and also advise you accordingly.

  •   Focus and Commit on a Medically Managed Detox

As noted, a professional experienced in treating opioid addiction can help you fight your addiction more easily than struggling alone. Besides, a medically managed detox will lessen the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, making it easy for you to cope.

The detox can involve taking lower doses of oxycodone alongside other drugs to help you with the withdrawal. This can take some time and is usually done alongside counseling and therapy. All these require your commitment to achieving, and you should focus on what your provider is offering. As you know, doing it alone is not in any way better.

  •   Try an Outpatient Program

Even for a mild addiction, some extra help is necessary. You can still experience some physical and mental symptoms as you try to stop using the drugs. Outpatient programs give you accountability as you recover from your addiction and help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

  •   Consider a Rehab Facility

Depending on the severity of your addiction, an inpatient rehab facility can help you. This means looking for a little extra help to manage your addiction. It will ease your withdrawal symptoms and mental complications. Inpatient rehab programs offer several treatment options that can help you deal with difficult symptoms. Such options include family counseling, behavior therapy, group therapy, and talk therapy.

  •   Take Caution During a Relapse

Although you are trying to avoid oxycodone, sometimes a relapse can happen. In this case, you have to be careful about the amount of oxycodone you take as you are at a higher risk of overdosing. Therefore, it is good to make sure that if you are taking oxycodone during a relapse, you take significantly less amount than you could take before the detox period.

  •   Promote Good Health

Optimizing your overall wellbeing during your detox period can make managing your oxycodone addiction easier. You can treat your body well by eating nutritious food that makes you feel better. Staying physically active can also clear your head and give you some energy.

If you are having addiction troubles with oxycodone, your recovery begins by going for a professional with experience in treating opioid addiction. Contact 2nd Chance Treatment Center and get the help you deserve.

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