What You Need For Your Health And Wellness

Our health and wellness have a lot to do with how we look and feel about ourselves. Diets, lifestyle habits, and self-esteem all contribute to our overall health. The above factors must all align for ultimate wellness.

Dr. Sharita E. Warfield of Serendipity Lifestyle & Wellness Spa aims to provide standard care to promote your health and life quality. She leads the team in offering both wellness and aesthetic services. Do not be left out; please reach out to their office today to schedule your appointment.

At Serendipity Lifestyle & Wellness Spa, Dr. Warfield intends to meet her patients’ health needs, promote their lifestyle, and enhance their body appearance. She leads the team to allow you to take control of your health and live a fulfilling life.

Here are the services you can receive at Serendipity Lifestyle & Wellness Spa under the care of Dr. Warfield and her team.

Wellness counseling

Wellness counseling involves a customized plan to improve your mental, emotional and physical health through specific lifestyle changes. Besides the nutrition part, your provider may develop a personalized plan to help you overcome unhealthy habits to better your living.

Before determining the suitable treatment for you, your provider offers a consultation to identify the ideal wellness plan to reach your weight loss goals. Dr. Warfield also examines your current nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle habits.

The consultation also involves your medical history review, body composition analysis, and lab work.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a faster way to deliver vitamins, medications, minerals, and nutrients into your bloodstream. The treatment provides immediately noticeable results right away.

Vitamins and minerals through the digestive system may take a long time to be absorbed into your body. In addition, the nutrients may lose their potency or cause stomach irritation leading to discomfort.

IV therapy involves going directly to your bloodstream without bypassing the digestive system, enhancing immediate effects without any side effects.

Body contouring

Dr. Warfield also offers body contouring to allow you to achieve your desired body shape. The noninvasive treatment involves eliminating and minimizing the amount of unwanted fat in your body to tighten and firm.

The technique applies to various body parts, including buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. It involves using a body contouring device to target the fat tissue.

Yoni Experience

Yoni Experience involves a vaginal steaming treatment to promote the health and wellness of your vagina. The noninvasive treatment gets rid of toxins and tones the reproductive organs with steam.

The technique involves releasing warm steam into the vagina and uterus. The steam consists of blended herbs to cleanse and strengthen your reproductive health.

Laser hair removal

If you are like most people, taking care of unwanted hair is not a fun thing, and growing it right back is frustrating. Laser hair removal allows you to enjoy your smooth skin for a long time and eventually provides permanent results.

Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types and unwanted hair areas, including armpits, bikini area, legs, chin, upper lip, and back.

Contact a health and wellness specialist today

I’m sure you’ll agree that it takes more than your physical health to achieve your overall wellness. Your emotional and mental health, including your body appearance, matters too. Contact Serendipity Lifestyle & Wellness SPA today to book your consultation.

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