What To Look For In A Hypnotherapist?


One can choose to undertake hypnotherapy (and any other kind of therapy of their liking), but often, people miss the most crucial component of an honorable session – the facilitator themselves.

Why is it the most important? Think of it this way: the facilitator guides you into a deep state of relaxation where you are most receptive, open, and sensitive to numerous frequencies.

Hypnotherapy aims to guide you into your subconscious to trace back memories, extract information, and heal/transform deeply repressed wounds, issues, and beliefs. Thus, the hypnotherapist must match your individual needs and be of the highest trust and integrity – this is what will make or break a safe container and transformative sessions.

Positive qualities of a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and anywhere else in the world you should look out for:

  • Trust – if there is trust, a safe container is built
  • Honesty – when a facilitator is honest, you are guaranteed a transparent dynamic between the guide(hypnotherapist) and yourself(client).
  • Clarity – when a hypnotherapist is clear in speech and action, it proves they are knowledgeable and confident in what they do.
  • Confidence – confidence in their ability to lead a session and in the hypnotherapy method as a whole.
  • Active listener – listening to what is said and not said (aka listening between breaths/spaces).

If you are aligned with the method but not with the one leading the therapy, it is best to hold it off until you find the right hypnotherapist for you.

Here are some things to make your search a bit easier:

  • Inquire – contacting a hypnotherapist that you feel strongly gravitated towards is the best way to get a more detailed glimpse into their length of training, education, philosophy, virtues, and vision.
  • Sympathy – take a look at their story/biography and ask yourself if you sympathize with their struggles and victories. For instance: if you’re struggling with insomnia, you’re most likely to empathize and connect with the hypnotherapist who struggled and overcame insomnia.
  • Reputation – a key to any business’ and therapist’s reputation is to look at their testimonials and reviews. Maybe even consider reaching out to previous clients and ask them about their personal experience.
  • Advertisements – you can tell if a hypnotherapist is sincere by what they advertise. If the hypnotherapist promises to solve all your issues – take it as a red flag – because an actual therapist knows the best way to assist their clients is by offering them support and guidance to heal themselves.

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