What to Know Before Pursuing Dentistry

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The US News & World Report released a list of the “100 Best Jobs” in 2019, and being a dentist was among the top five. This was not startling. Most of us value our oral health. Therefore, we make an effort to see trustworthy and affordable dentists at least once every three or four months. This makes the career extremely marketable and rewarding.

I did not understand a lot about dentistry when I went to dental school. Even so, being in the industry for more than seven years has allowed me to know much about the profession. Here are some critical things that every student planning to pursue dentistry should know.

Becoming a Dentist Takes Time and Dedication

My journey towards becoming a dentist was a long one, and it called for relentless determination. In high school, I spent countless hours studying to improve my grades in maths and sciences. That prepared the way for me to join a dental school for eight years and receive my dental doctoral degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery or DDS) at the end of it all. I had to finish a dental residency to specialize. I cannot recall all the sleepless nights I had learning more about my career to ensure that I’d become the best. I know one thing for sure; those who pursue dentistry must make many sacrifices to succeed.

Dentistry is Service-Oriented

I became a dentist because one of my greatest desires was to help people and see them lead better, healthier lives. Dentistry is service-oriented, and anyone pursuing it needs to be ready to transform lives. Today, restoring smiles and self-confidence brings me tremendous joy. I think a lot of dentists feel that satisfaction too. So much so, some are even starting to offer dental botox and other cosmetic dentistry services so that they can help their patients feel even more confident in their own skin. Whenever I get rid of a patient’s toothache and hear a simple “thank you” from them, I’m more inspired to keep offering my services, no matter what it takes.

Dentistry Can Offer Job Stability

As I had mentioned earlier, the world needs more dentists. This has always been the case. When I decided to join the dental industry, this was one factor that highly motivated me. After leaving dental school, I attended several interviews, and I had a job by the end of the first month. Sooner rather than later, I could pay my bills comfortably without asking my parents for cash. Besides, affording luxuries such as high-end watches and a classic car wasn’t difficult for me.

While employment as a dentist might be guaranteed, one’s salary may be dependent on their state. For instance, the average dentist salary in Delaware is $264,440, according to Forbes. As per information from the latter, a dentist in Nevada receives an average salary of $210,710.

Self-Employment is a Possibility

This is another thing that impressed me and drove me to become a dentist. One doesn’t have to work at an oral care center to earn a living; they can choose to set up their own practice. I started my dental care clinic three years ago, and it has been flourishing. I love the freedom it offers me. I don’t have to answer to anyone, and I make all the decisions that need to be made regarding my work.

What’s even better is I can effortlessly balance my work, social, and family life. Usually, I work four days a week. When I’m free, I enjoy quality moments with my loved ones or explore some of my favorite hobbies, such as reading and playing tennis.  All this would be challenging if I worked at a public or another person’s dental care facility.

These are some of the critical things I understand about the dental industry today. I believe that everyone who wants to become a dentist should be aware of them. They help potential dentists understand what they are signing up for and encourage them to pursue the career without fear.

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