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Your nose is important for your overall health because it acts a filter and prevents dust, germs, and irritants from the air entering your body during breathing. In addition, it helps to keep the inhaled air moist and warm so that the lungs and the tubes that constitute the respiratory system never dry out. Most importantly, the nose is the smelling organ that is so important for our living. The nerve cells in the nose allow you to sense the smell of everything around you. The body function largely depends on the proper functioning of the nose which means when you have problems with the nose, you might experience other health problems too. When you catch a cold and have a stuffy nose, breathing and sleeping become very uncomfortable as you find it difficult to maintain a normal life.

The nose if your lifeline

How would life have been if you could not breathe with the nose? Well, it is just unimaginable that anyone can live without the nose that provides the gateway for entry of oxygen into the body. We must not only be thankful for the service provided by the nose to keep us alive but also ensure that we take proper care of it. During breathing, air passes through the nasal passage and takes a complex route to reach the lungs. The body uses its defensive mechanism to protect the nose and allow oxygen to reach its destination.

The nose prevents unwanted materials from entering the body and the mucus and hair inside the nasal passageway act as perfect filters. However, the filtering mechanism sometimes can become congested and disrupts the process.

Common nose problems

When there is congestion in the nose, it can result in swelling of the nasal passage due to clogging of hair and thickening of the mucus. It creates a very uncomfortable feeling and impairs the normal functions of the nose by disrupting the breathing process and impedes the ability to smell or robs it completely. It can also disturb sleep due to uneasiness from disruptive breathing and make it difficult to concentrate on anything.

It can happen from allergic rhinitis, respiratory tract infection, acute or chronic sinusitis, and sinus surgery. To treat nasal congestion, you must maintain nasal hygiene that prevents nasal congestion as well as discharge. Log on to EarNoseThroat.com.sg to talk to the experts about nose care.

Saline water keeps the nose healthy

Cleaning the nasal passage with salt water is the best way to maintain good nasal health. While you can prepare the salt water solution at home, it is easier to buy a bottle from the pharmacy. The commercially available products come with a device for easy application that also ensures maximum use. It is ideal for keeping the entire family healthy by ensuring good nasal hygiene. From newborns to infants and growing children to adults, everyone benefits from it.

It also provides remedy from sinusitis and seasonal allergies as well as relief from chronic nasal congestion that is common for people of all ages. Clear nasal passage takes care of snoring too.

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