What Should You Know Before Finding An Orthodontist


Ask yourself if you can you be sure that the orthodontist from your town is capable of putting your braces and that it’s the best one and the one you need.

Is orthodontics their specialty?

There are many dentists who offer orthodontics from the very beginning, as a part of their services. Keep in mind that, even if both orthodontists and dentists require eight years of education and they need to attend dental school, orthodontists still need to do an additional 2 or 3 years of residency before they’re allowed to practice. So it’s better to look for an orthodontist if you need some help with occlusion, bite correction or teeth straightening. An excellent choice will be orthodontist The Woodlands.

Are they giving a free exam?

Getting braces is not an easy choice, so you should always talk to an orthodontist before taking this kind of decisions. He will say his professional opinion regarding your smile and will allow you to meet his team before doing this. Anyhow, a free initial exam should happen.

What about their reputation?

Sometimes is better to ask for people’s opinions. Any business has clients, be them happy or not. If the company it a reputable one, people will know.

Are they treating adults, too?

Is this that point in your life when you don’t like your smile anymore, and you want to change something? Are you going through a tough time and for health reasons, you need to fix it? Ask around if the orthodontist you‘ve chosen take adults, too, because some of them only treat young patients. If you can, talk to the orthodontist directly, it’s easier.

Does he offer you different types of treatment?

You have no idea how many types of orthodontic treatments are available nowadays. Considering this, you don’t need to stick to one orthodontist who only offers 2 or 3 options. Some offer traditional braces that come with different colors or some unusual braces, with different shapes. Some give ceramic braces and lingual braces (these are the ones which get attached to the inside of your teeth).

What about the staff? Do they make you feel comfortable?

We understand if you don’t like going to the orthodontist – frankly, no one does. When you’re looking for an orthodontist, you need someone to make this whole situation a pleasant one. The staff is essential because you’ll see it every time you go to the office. Make sure that the waiting area is clean; the bathrooms, too.

What about payment ? Are there multiple options? Discounts ?

You might like the place and the people, but ask yourself if you can afford the treatment. If you can’t, it probably doesn’t matter what’s your opinion on this matter. Find an orthodontist who offers more payment options and chooses one that works for you. Maybe one will provide monthly installments and will even give discounts for multiple family members.

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