What Should We Add to Our Diet in 2020?

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Diets vary from person to person – but there are some things that should be a part of almost every diet out there. Why?

It’s because no matter what you want to achieve – lose weight, gain weight, or gain muscle, some ingredients and edibles promote an overall healthy lifestyle that no one should miss!

As such, in today’s article, we’ll take a short look at the things we should add to our diet in 2020.


Lentils are, in short, plant-based proteins that come with plenty of fiber for our bodies.

On top of that, they are also equipped with folate and iron that are known to increase energy levels and provide the body with the additional nutrients it needs!

Plain Yogurt

In a world full of flavored yogurt – we tell you that you should switch to the plain one instead. Why?

Well, the plain one comes with iodine, calcium, protein, and riboflavin, but without the sugar. The former elements are essential to thyroid health, while the lack of the latter is important when we’re trying to lose weight.


As some of you may know, tahini is pretty much the secret behind hummus. Overall, it is a paste that can be combined with a plethora of foods for a real nutritional boost.

Tahini comes with amino acids and unsaturated fats and is roughly 20% protein – besides the calcium and a variety of other minerals and vitamins.


Tempeh is seen as a fermented food that promotes a healthy digestive system and gut. Why?

Because it comes fully loaded with iron, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese, and even phosphorus. Tempeh is considered, by many, a vegetarian and enviro-friendly powerhouse.

Some studies also showed that it helps with bone loss, prevents stress, and decreases cholesterol levels.

Golden Berries

These are not your usual berries. In fact, they don’t even taste the same as they come with a tart-like flavor. Their increase in popularity is due to the sheer number of antioxidants that they contain, which also fight against cancer.

On top of that, golden berries are also antiviral, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory!

Tiger Nuts

These particular nuts are more like edible tubers and are often compared to sweet potatoes. The plant responsible for these tiger-like striped nuts is called yellow nutsedge.

When it comes to what they contain, these nuts come packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. To get an idea of how healthy they are: a single serving comes with 10 grams of fiber!

The Bottom Line

Naturally, remember to keep the basics in your diet – tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and green veggies overall are still the best when it comes to healthy diets.

Moreover, don’t forget about natural diet supplements, such as the Delta 8 THC or CBD variation, depending on what you prefer. Rather than mixing healthy food with shady protein shakes and whatnot, it’s better to rely on organic/natural products!

Also, keep in mind that there are many more trendy things that you can add to your diet in 2020 – whole grains, citrus fruits, salmon, and so on. It’s up to you to discover what you enjoy more!

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