What Makes the Best Bourbon and How to Buy It?

You cannot call a Bourbon whiskey, but it has a certain likeness. Bourbon is distilled from a mash made mainly of corn. Maybe, it was initiated as the poor man’s drink, but it is now well-known for its distinctive flavour.

You can find different Bourbon brands to delight your mood and pamper your taste buds. And if you are still confused if Bourbon is a whiskey, then it is not. For a whiskey to call itself Bourbon, it has to be a puree (the blend of grains from which the drink is distilled) and possess a minimum of 51 per cent corn.

Formation Makes the Difference for Bourbon

It is essential to know that the makers need to distil the mash at 160-proof or less. They must store the distillate in well-cooked new oak barrels at 125-proof or less. Also, they ensure that it does not contain any additives.

The varied flavours and celebrated heritage of Bourbon make it a drink worth trying. Since you have so much room for exploration, it might not be easy to know where to start. It is why you need to explore different options, find out what makes them best, and then try it the best among them.

What Makes the Best Bourbon?

If you wonder what leads to the best Bourbon production, the answer you get is the yeast strains, the grain, and the new white oak barrels. The storage also has a considerable impact on the distinct taste and flavour of Bourbon.

You can trace the making of Bourbon to the late 18th century. Since it has specific and high standards, you can find Bourbon’s taste different from other whiskies, especially the coveted varieties like Scotch, Canadian, Irish, or Tennessee.

It is also essential to know that the makers of Bourbon never store it in used barrels. They use new oak barrels because they age Bourbon gradually over time, so it gathers a deep yellowish-brown colour and rich flavour once it matures. Also, the leading Bourbon brands never add up any artificial colour or additives to Bourbons.

The Distinct Procedure  

Making the fine Bourbon is an enduring craft. Grains like rye, corn, wheat, and barley are gathered, and then the makers mill them into a coarse meal before they cook it. Makers use these grains in different combinations to create diverse Bourbon recipes known as mash bills.

After months and years of aging, each barrel eventually touches the proper taste profile at the top of maturing. The makers approve the taste only then they pack Bourbons in the bottles.

How to Buy the Finest Bourbon?

The trend of whiskeys and Bourbons is on the higher side. The shelves are flooded with products of different Bourbon brands, and you can get intimidated in no time. The finest way to find the right Bourbon is to taste it first. You can taste an in-store sample. Do not hesitate to ask the providers for the sampling when you are in a bar, store, or a distillery’s room.

Hence, since you now know what makes the best Bourbon and how you can pick the right one, go ahead and pour one Bourbon shot for you!

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