What is theta state of mind

Theta state is the frequency where relaxation, creativity, and vibrant mental imagery can be experienced. Theta brainwaves usually occur in deep relaxation state and while sleeping (in the quiet stages of sleep and during the REM dream).

Theta state of mind

Entering the theta state of mind is desirable for those who want to experience its benefits. Deep relaxation, advance intuition, lower levels of anxiety, stress and neurosis are the most known effects of theta state. But there are some benefits less known which might convince you to practice your ability of accessing the theta state.

Some studies have shown when the mind woks at 7-4 Hz frequencies, you will be able to retain in a much quicker time over 300% more information than you can while in the beta brainwave state. Theta state is beneficial for learning new languages. Boosting your immune system is made possible because theta states are associated with vitality and almost no stress. Lowering stress, you reduce your levels of epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol, and your immune system gets stronger. As theta brainwaves increase, the ability of the brain to recall and store long-term memories increases. The hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory processing and storing memories, has a normalized theta brainwave rhythm passing through this area.

 There is also some evidence that by targeting the lower brainwave patterns and using affirmations or positive self talk, you can change some of your deepest unconscious beliefs or emotional blockages. In the theta brainwave range, the brain is extremely open to suggestion and new ideas. This helps your mind to program your subconscious for healing. Curing yourself in the theta state is believed to be possible, not only because you can educate yourself for healing by sending to your unconscious specific messages, but also because in the theta rhythm, the sodium/potassium ion ratio of the brain is reset.

The healing induced by the theta state is not a new thing; this form of treatment exists as a practice in almost every religion of the world and was experienced for hundreds of years under different names. Most recently, the theta healing was brought to the public attention by Vianna Stibal an American healer and author of several books about theta waves. After receiving the diagnostic of malignant tumor in her right leg, with amputation as a solution, she cured herself by slowing her brain waves to theta, while witnessing the healing. This thing allowed the healing to solidify most effectively. After that she began to practice this healing technique with her clients. Vianna Stibal says that the healing is possible when it’s witnessed; otherwise it remains in the field of potentiality. Once we can ‘see’ the healing unfolding and ‘know’ that it is done’, it can happen.

Healing in theta state is related to biofeedback therapies, too. These techniques focus on making the patient aware of every process of his body, a thing which helps him gain more control over normally involuntary functions. Using medical devices to measure the reactions of the body (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, muscle activity), the therapist tries to teach the patient to find ways to control them, and helps him to deeply relax. This therapy was used to help prevent or treat conditions including migraine headaches, chronic pain, incontinence, and high blood pressure.

Most of the time, people are seeking for relaxation, and are eager to experience the theta state of mind, but there are situation  when out of control theta waves equate with  problems. When you start using theta techniques, you should be aware that too many thetas can do you harm. In your daily life, you might experience depression, sleepiness or, on the contrary, extreme impulsiveness and hyperactivity.  Your mind might become too receptive to suggestions and new information and your subconscious will be more open to accepting negative suggested beliefs. Attention deficit disorder (A.D.D) is often present in people with high levels of theta waves. It’s fine line between the highly creative individuals with predominant theta state of mind and people with attention deficit

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