What Is Tai Chi and Its Health Benefits

Created as a mind-body practice, Tai Chi has its origins in China as an ancient martial art tradition. Being developed originally for self-defense, it has grown and evolved into a graceful exercise form. Tai Chi is known today for its capacity of reducing stress and helping with variety of other health conditions.

It is a self-paced, noncompetitive system of stretching and gentle physical exercise. The body is kept in constant motion, each posture flowing into the next without pause. Because of its slow and focused motions, this practice is often called “meditation in motion.” This practice has many health benefits.

Even people who are not in the good health or in great shape can get started with this slow-motion, low-impact exercise that takes the practitioners through various motions. Their breath becomes naturally and deep as they move.

The attention is focused on bodily sensations, as in some meditation types. In several aspects, Tai Chi is different from other exercise types. Its typically has smooth, never forced and circular movements, with joints not fully bent or extended, and relaxed muscles.

Tai Chi is based on belief systems particular to Chinese philosophy. It encourages Qi energy flow through the body. This practice also promotes achieving a proper balance of Yin and Yang, the opposing building blocks of the universe. However, in order to enjoy Tai Chi’s health benefits you do not necessarily need to follow the Chinese philosophy.

No complicated equipment is needed in order to get started with Tai Chi. It is recommended to dress comfortably in loose fitting clothes in order to allow a wide range of motion. You may practice in comfortable, lightweight and flexible shoes or just barefoot. These best tai chi shoes available on the market at a affordable price. You will also need a fitness mat.

Prevention and rehabilitation of many medical conditions that are usually associated with ageing can benefit from practicing this form of slow exercise that can be used as a complement to standard medical treatment. It also has benefic effects on important aspects of fitness such as balance, muscle strength, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility.

Among Tai Chi’s health benefits are included:

  • Stress: The slow breathing and slow rhythmic movements help to promote calmness and combat stress.
  • Posture: the constant and regular Tai Chi practice can help people to maintain a good posture.
  • Balance: movements are slow and steady, helping the core regain balance.
  • Flexibility: flexibility is improved by the range of Tai Chi movements.
  • Endurance and strength: regular Tai Chi practice improves performance, endurance and strength.
  • Respiratory system regulator: The deep breathing practiced in Tai Chi helps treating respiratory alignments such as emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma.
  • Coordination improvement: it helps with upper and lower body coordination as well as with hand eye coordination.
  • Aerobic capacity: it can be also considered as an aerobic exercise.
  • Prevention of chronic illness: it can be used as an adjuvant that helps in the chronic illnesses treatment. It has proven effects in helping to treat blood pressure, heart disease, digestive disorders, arthritis, depression and more.

Maximum people will basically focus on tai chi’s health benefits, possibly learning the inner components that make tai chi even more valuable.

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