What is Organic Farming?

Agriculture in North America has become an industry wherein any means that will increase production will be implemented with no consideration for the quality of the product. But this agricultural mass production is not without consequences. If the price of foods is lower, the resulting negative effects of modern agricultural techniques are numerous: mainly, these are the threats to the environment and the health, the nutritional quality and the taste of the foods produced.

organic agriculture

The quality of the food produced by the agro-industrial complex raises many questions: Is beef treated with hormones good for the health? Are genetically altered foods dangerous? Faced with these questions, organic farming appears as a healthy alternative, both for human health and for the health of the environment.

Organically raised foods contain

  • No chemical pesticides of herbicides; the vitality of the earth is raised through proven methods (for example, crop rotation);
  • No synthetic fertiliser or sanitary residues; compost and natural fertilisers are used;
  • No organically modified seeds; seeds that are neither hybrid nor treated are preferred;
  • No overuse of the land; a period of transition of three years before the first harvest.

Organically raised foods (animal):

  • no antibiotics nor growth hormones;
  • no meat meal in the animal feed;
  • no overcrowding on the animals in closed barns, but reasonable living conditions, such a room to move, sunlight and fresh air.

Organic foods in the form of modified food products:

  • a minimum of 95% organic ingredients;
  • no artificial ingredients, no synthetic additives, no preservatives;
  • no irradiated, but ecological parasite control.
  • cultivated only with organic manure.

Why Choose Organic Foods?

Scientific studies confirm that foods produced organically have a higher nutritional value. Organic farming has, overall, a very favourable impact on the environment and the health of humans. Of course, the flavour, the odour and the colour are other criteria that influence our choosing organic foods.

Mass production of animals that are all feed with the same feedstuffs gives their meat a more or less uniform taste. Organic farming opens the door to rediscovering the rich taste of foods.
Choosing organic farming is opting door the health of the individual and of the community as well as the health of the earth. These foods are now available everywhere, year round. Choose an organic meat or organic vegetable, and you are choosing a healthy food of superior quality.

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