What Is It Like To Have Invisalign Treatment?


If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and wish to straighten them, wearing metallic braces is no longer your only option. With the help of Invisalign, you can now align your teeth in a safe and easy way to get the perfect smile.

While traditional braces are still a great way to get straight teeth, people who have reached adulthood often find them embarrassing. But with Invisalign treatment, you no longer have to feel embarrassed about wearing braces all day.

These aligners are made from clear plastic and hence, are way less noticeable compared to the traditional braces made with metallic wires. But before you proceed, you need to know some key facts about the treatment.

Dr. Kamila Hussain, a family dentist in Houston and founder of USPARKLE dental clinic has done this treatment for several patients and shared what patients can expect from Invisalign Treatment.

6 Things To Expect From Invisalign Treatment

 1. You Can Remove Them Anytime

Yes, unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be taken off whenever you need which is a huge advantage. While it is recommended to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, if you have a big presentation or an important event coming up, you can take them off and wear them later on. And there is no need to visit your dentist for this.

2. There Will be Some Discomfort Involved

In the Invisalign treatment, you get a new set of aligners every two weeks or so as your treatment progresses. So you may experience some soreness and discomfort initially while your teeth get used to the new aligners.

But the pain usually subsides as you progress into the treatment. Some people do find it difficult to remove them since they have a snug fit. But on the plus side, you won’t have sharp metal wires cutting your mouth as Invisalign aligners have smooth edges.

3. You Will Be Able To Smile More Freely

Each pair of Invisalign aligners are custom-made for your teeth and are near transparent. So unless someone looks up close, they will go unnoticeable. So you can smile and laugh whole-heartedly without feeling conscious about wearing braces all day.

4. No Dietary Restrictions

Unlike regular braces when you have to avoid eating certain foods, Invisalign treatment gives you more freedom in your diet choices. You have to take off the braces before each meal so you can eat all your favorite foods as long as you brush your teeth afterward.

Certain drinks like coffee may end up staining your aligners so you will have to avoid their intake or restrict them to meals times only.

5. You Will Need Self-Discipline

Invisalign is a low maintenance treatment compared to traditional braces so you will be spending less time in the dentist appointments. But in return, you have to dedicate some time to your daily routine to your oral hygiene habits.

You have to remove the aligners before each meal and need to brush afterward before tucking them back in to remove any food particles stuck in your teeth. You also have to clean your aligners on a regular basis to keep them clean and fresh.

6. The Results Are Usually Quicker

If you stay on track and wear the aligners for the recommended period every day, you will find an improvement in crooked teeth and overcrowding much faster than traditional braces. A lot of patients also find Invisalign to improve their bite.

And as a result of brushing more often, you will have better oral hygiene and a lesser risk of developing gum diseases. So in the end, your dream of flashing the perfect smile will be a reality sooner than you think.

Invisalign is no doubt a more convenient treatment compared to traditional braces, especially for adults. So to find out if they will be a good choice for you, visit a dentist as soon as you can.

If you want to get Invisalign in Houston, Tx, you must visit Dr. USPARKLE clinic. Dr. Kamila and her team are highly experienced in both Invisalign and traditional braces and provide these services to both children as well as adults. To schedule an appointment right away!

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