What is Cord Blood and Why it is Important for your baby’s Health

cord blood

When humans run out of choices they look up to God for giving them a way to move ahead.

I have always believed that stem cells are the god particle of our human body. And indeed yes, they certainly seem so. You can’t create them, they comes with a once in a lifetime offer. Use it or throw it is up to you.

So, what exactly is cord blood?

And the answer is that the cord, which is the Umbilical cord, of a new-born baby contains a kind of blood, known as cord blood which has stem cells in it. These stem cells have the ability to cure certain diseases in the future which otherwise won’t be possible. The cord blood has to be taken out within ten minutes of the birth of the baby and kept safe in a cord blood storage bank; else it will be of no use.

Why use cord blood? Is there any guarantee that it will be helpful?

Guarantee and proof might come some day, but what will never come back is the blood in the Umbilical cord which is once in a lifetime thing for your child. So whether useful or just waste of money, only the future can tell. Many research and scientific development is going on in this regard, however, if you do not keep the cord blood safe today, your baby will not be part of that glorious future as his cord blood won’t be there, if needed.

Health Benefits of Cord Blood

Stem cells present in your baby’s cord blood can treat many diseases, repair and heal blood vessels, organs etc. that otherwise does not seem possible. As stem cells are the building blocks of the rest of the cells of your body, one can understand how valuable they can be in the future to treat certain diseases.

Why so much Hype?

Imagine the cost, private cord blood banks charges $2k to $3k to keep the cord blood safe for later use and if this was not enough, they charge another $100 every year for the safe keeping. Naturally, with money comes hype. Public cord blood banks are mostly free, but they will use your baby’s cord blood for others. It is like blood donation.

What is the down side?

Yes, what is the catch, apart from the huge kick on your wallet, that is? The genetic diseases – they cannot be cured by your own cord blood. Yes, it comes as a shocker to many, but since the genetic disorders are present in every cell in your body, unfortunately the stem cells in your cord blood contain it too. However, your family can still use it if the genetic disorder happens to one of your siblings rather than you.

So, the cord blood of your baby can’t help to cure his own genetic disorders, however, it can help cure his sibling’s disorders. Still, not that bad I guess.

Cord blood is indeed a blessing from the god, and if kept safe, it can help your family in the future. Think of it as an investment that might come useful someday, but don’t take it for a guarantee, rather a chance which can go either way. Perhaps a lot of money down the drain or a life saver. The choice if yours to make.

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