What Is A Megaformer?


Ah, pilates.

It’s a great form of exercise that will get you fit, strong and can help you shed those unwanted pounds (goodby love handles!).

While pilates is a no equipment necessary type of exercise, devices and contraptions of sorts have been invented over the years to aid in getting you in tip-top shape!

One being the pilates reformer.

The pilates reformer is a piece of equipment with moving components to add a dynamic component to your pilates routine. It has been around since day one, as it was invented by Joseph Pilates (if you couldn’t tell by the name, he invented pilates).

But it doesn’t end there.

Because in the early 2000s arrived the megaformer.

What Is A Megareformer

A normal reformer has a moving carriage for your body that glides along a set of railings, as well as a handle on one end and ropes with handles attached at the other.

As the name suggests, a megaformer is like a reformer but amped up.

The megaformer has a gliding carriage as well, but also two stable platforms, one in the front and one in the back.

You can also attach bands and roped handles to the ends as you would a normal reformer.

The megaformer is also a massive hunk of machinery- hence the prefix “mega.”

Why The Megaformer?

You may be wondering, “what’s so great about a mega reformer? What’s so great about having a bigger reformer?”

It’s not the size of the tool that matters, but how you use it.

In addition to being able to do slow strengthening exercises like a reformer, the megaformer adds a cardio component that a normal reformer doesn’t.

So you get strength as well as cardio! You know, a kill two birds kind of deal.

The stable platforms and handles also create opportunities for a ton more exercises, especially for balance.

How Much Are Megareformers

Megaformers are expensive.

For a quality new megaformer, you’ll likely have to pay around $10,000.

But think of it as an investment in your body.

A megaformer is one of the few pieces of equipment that give you the ability to hit everything.

You’ll strengthen just about every muscle in your body, including important areas such as core, legs, back and arms.

You’ll also get cardio, balance and flexibility.

So this machine will not only help you look great, but keep your heart healthy long term, your body feeling good, and minimise injuries and other health problems that will cost money later.

If you don’t have the money for a megaformer, you can always find a gym with one or go to megaformer classes (which typically cost 20-45 depending on the gym).


A megaformer truly is the complete package and will change the way you workout.

And while purchasing one may take a mega-investment, there are cheap ways to use one (such as gyms).

And all it will take is 20-30 minutes a day to reinvent your body. What more could you want!

Author Bio:

Noah Carey is a content writer at Pearl Lemon Leads. He also attends the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies English, because he likes reading and writing, and runs for their track and field team because he likes running in circles.

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