What Effect Can Back Pain Has On People’s Mental Health?

back pain

With more and more people experiencing back pain, few of us realise the additional impact that back pain can have aside from the obvious physical issues –  In addition to poor mobility and lack of movement there are also a range of knock-on effects. Today we will be looking through the effect that Back Pain has on mental health. It is vitally important to understand this so that if you or someone you know experiences increased back pain you can empathise with what they may be going through.

What exactly is back pain?

When it comes to back pain there are many different types, it is important to understand a bit about all of the main types so that you can understand the pain that different people may be experiencing. Two words that you may come across when it comes to Back Pain is mechanical and non-specific – Mechanical refers to pain experienced from soft tissue joints and bones. Pain can often travel up and down the back providing a range of discomfort to the people suffering from the pain. The second term that you might hear often when it comes to back pain is non-specific. This refers to a situation when it is very difficult to attribute the pain to a specific area and section of the back.

When it comes to the main types of back pain, there is a common trend with people experiencing one of the below conditions.

Lower Back Pain – Poor posture is a big contributing factor to lower back pain, having poor posture consistently throughout the day and night can really begin to cause pain and discomfort in the lower back.

Slipped Discs – Sciatica occurs when cartilage starts to push on a nerve within the back.

Sciatica – This type of pain relates to the irritation of the main nerve that runs down the lower back right the way down to the feet – It is a common occurrence and is something that can be treated through Sciatica Treatments many of which can be done at home such as exercises, stretches and other similar mobility

Why is there a link between back pain and mental health?

Whilst many of us will not see a direct link between back pain and mental health, the link definitely exists. One of the main reasons this is apparent is because of the limited mobility and pain that is caused by the many different types of back pain. This limitation will prevent people from socialising, practicing various sports and becoming a complete hindrance to their everyday life. This can drastically affect people’s moods, self esteem and is why people need to know the full extent of the symptoms of back pain.

What studies have been done on this correlation?

In a study produced by the general hospital of Psychiatry, they looked into the role that back pain has with mental health. Reading the study is very insightful. Multiple people from multiple different backgrounds were all interviewed to draw scientific conclusions. Despite the common physical pain that comes from back pain the study found that there is a direct correlation with back pain, stress, anxiety, sleep problems and a range of other mental health issues. The study also went on to find that in some more extreme cases those suffering back pain may even begin to experience early signs of psychosis.

Understanding not only the physical signs of back pain but the mental side too is vitally important when it comes to understanding the type of pain and feelings that people will be going through. Back pain can be a really tough time for some with the symptoms ranging in severity but ever-present in their everyday routines.

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