What Does a Medium Do?

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If you have ever lost a loved one, it can be difficult to cope with that loss. We often wish to receive just one more message, something that will let us know that our loved ones are at peace. A medium can help you do exactly that.

Is there more that a medium can do? Read on and find out for yourself.

What is a Medium?

Before we move onto what they can do, we need to understand what it is that a medium actually does. They act as a bridge between us and the spirit world. They are able to connect with a spirit, or spirit guide on the other side and convey messages from these guides.

They might be able to contact spirits directly, or with the help of their spirit guides.

Are There Different Types of Mediums?

We can classify mediumship into two main categories:

  • Mental: These are the type that communicate solely in the mind. They might hear a spirit speaking, understand the emotions that the spirit is feeling or get impressions. In this case, they are the only ones in communication with the spirit.
  • Physical: This type of medium acts as a bridge in a more practical sense. The spirit manifests through them and so may speak through them as well. The difference is that this kind of manifestation is perfectly obvious to others in the room.

Are All People Able to Be Mediums?

Being able to communicate with spirits is a skill that you are either born with or not. There is no way to develop the skill if you weren’t born with it. That said, if you don’t practice it over time, you could well lose the ability.

If you are born with the ability, practice it over time and take time to hone your craft, you can improve your abilities over time.

How Do Mediums Get in Touch With Spirits?

This will depend on the medium themselves and the method that they prefer. Some of the more common methods include:

  • Conducting a séance: A séance can be helpful to focus spirit energy and so make it easier for a medium to contact the spirit world. It is important, however, to note that this is best left to someone trained to deal with this. You never know which spirit will accept the invitation.
  • Through a trance: This is usually necessary when the medium wants to manifest the spirit. They go under a trance so that they become the spirit’s vessel. This makes it possible for the spirit to speak through them.
  • Channeling: This is basically also a trance-like state, but it is a much lighter trance. In this case, the medium relays a message, rather than the actual spirit manifesting itself.
  • An Ouija board: These have been used for many years to ask questions of the spirit world. It works best with simple “Yes” or “No” questions.


There are many different forms that mediumship can take. Each practitioner will have their own method for contacting the spirit world and getting the answers that they require. Choosing an experienced practitioner is your best chance at getting the information that you want.

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