What Can CBD Do for Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

Anyone who suffers from a chronic illness knows how much of your life it can consume. Fibromyalgia is one of these painful diseases that unfortunately has no official cure. Defined as a chronic pain disease, fibromyalgia is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system that can also cause extreme physical pain, discomfort, and fatigue. Essentially, patients dealing with fibromyalgia have overly sensitive nerve receptors that communicate a greater amount of pain than is actually present, so your entire body may ache for weeks or months at a time. Even though there is no official cure, medical specialists have tools they use to relax the body and help with pain relief.

As CBD oil becomes more present in the world of medicine, experts are beginning to ask if CBD can help with fibromyalgia. While the studies are starting small, there may be hope for those who suffer from this disorder to get some painless days. CBD has many healing properties, but can be tricky to get your hands on. If this is an option you’d like to explore, talk with your doctor to see what CBD can do to help ease the pain of fibromyalgia. For now, let’s break down exactly how this treatment can help.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a specific part of the hemp plant. So while CBD is a main component of cannabis, or marijuana, without a high dose of THC included it will not give you a high. CBD has been known to cure many diseases and disorders including anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and chronic pain. This is still a mostly experimental cure, so there is much to discover about the full benefits of these treatment options.

One variation of CBD is the CBD flower. These highly concentrated and CBD-rich hemp flowers are stronger than the typical CBD oil. The best hemp flowers are all-natural and can only be prescribed by healthcare professionals. These strains can help relax your muscles and ease your joint pain. However, these do contain small doses of THC, which are legal under the Farm Bill but may show up on a drug test. Whatever option you choose, definitely consult a specialist to see if natural hemp strains or CBD oil are right for you.


Will CBD relieve my pain?

When dealing with fibromyalgia, chances are you’ve tried multiple treatments. Everybody is different, so you’ll have some trial and error before you find what works best for you. Maybe you start with orthopedic treatments like physical therapy and physical medicine, and now you’re ready to turn to natural hemp and CBD products.

So you ask the big question: will CBD relieve my chronic pain? The answer is different for everyone, but the good news is that it does look promising. Some patients have found that CBD helps them to process pain differently and therefore eased their discomfort. Plenty of studies on animals have concluded that CBD lowers brain inflammation and calms certain cells that cause chronic pain. Along with these studies, there has been extensive research about easing anxiety in humans through cannabis plants and medical marijuana alone. New research is just starting on CBD oil specifically. So while it is not an official cure, there are many signs that CBD can be a great tool for pain relief and a possible course of action for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Will I get high?

Even with a CBD hemp plant that contains THC, the amount will not be great enough to cause any sort of mental high. It also doesn’t have addictive properties, so you do not need to fear medical CBD.

Is it legal?

While federal law makes CBD legal throughout the United States, each state has certain restrictions. Be sure to consult your doctor about what CBD products are legal within your state. Chances are there are specifics that you may not understand which determine legality.

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