What Are The Silly Little Parenting Tricks That You’re So Glad You Discovered?


Parenting is a beautiful experience, but one that relies deeply on your creativity. Each child is unique and acts differently. That’s why a trick used on a child successfully might not work on another. But according to a prominent homework writing service, parents need those little tricks to handle their children’s. It makes the job easier and can help to manage sensitive issues. So here are those silly little parenting tricks parents can use.

1. Introduce the idea of empathy

Many parents say their kids are stubborn, doesn’t listen to advice. But are they that stubborn? Could it be that your approaches have been wrong all along? It’s possible, you know.

There are little tricks parents can apply when they find their kids acting out. One of them is to introduce the concept of empathy. Make them realize there are consequences for every bad decision or stubbornness they display. You can explain to them one-on-one, especially whenever they are calm.

For instance, children like toys, right? Most of them cannot even close their eyes without having their favorite toys around. You could use that to your advantage. Make them realize that any stubbornness they display will make others (their innocent toy) suffer. If they refuse to do their homework, for instance, make them understand how hurting the consequences would be. First, their teacher would be angry. And secondly, their favorite toy would dissert them for a while for such behavior.

This little trick might work. You may find your kid doing everything he or she can to avert the punishment that will be meted out on their innocent toy.

2. Always maintain a calm voice

Most parents prefer yelling at their young kids. They feel it’s the right way to keep them quiet. But understand that when you yell at that strong-willed child, you are only telling him or her that you are being affected by their unruly behavior. Of course, this would give them more courage to continue doing whatever they are doing.

Crying is a common thing for children. You need to understand that as a parent. So, when you encounter that strong-willed child, what should you do? Talk to her calmly as if you were talking to an adult. Take her to a quiet place. You can take them outside so that they can get some fresh air on their tender skin. But use a calm voice while addressing your child. Tell her the reason she shouldn’t have cake or whatever her demands are.

If possible, strike a deal with her. If she is asking for cakes, sweets or something you are avoiding, then think of a replacement, something that she likes, too. First, try to explain why you don’t want her to have her request. If that didn’t work, then take her to any of her favorite spot where there are other kids around. Engaging in other activities will distract her from pressing on with her demands.

3. Teach her self-reliance

The ideology of most parents is that they have to do everything for their young kids. While this is true, there could be consequences. If you continue to assist your child, you might find yourself doing same when he or she grows up. So, it’s better you start teaching her how to be independent at a tender age.

Parents need to give their kids, irrespective of how little they are, a break to fix things themselves. Don’t always rush in to help them, unless they are dealing with something more challenging or riskier. Though it’s a bit difficult for parents to watch their young kids struggle, still allow them to show that minor frustration. They will end up learning how to be resilient and self-reliant.

If your young kid is struggling to fix a broken toy, for example, then allow her to do so alone. If you are called upon to help, you can convince her that it’s something she can do by herself. Learn to encourage your child to try harder. By so doing, she might grow up with a positive mindset and have what it takes to be independent.

4. Lead by example

Parents are the first role models that children have and see. That’s why parents are always advised to show love and respect for one another in front of their kids. Even when there is a disagreement, make sure the kids are not aware. You may lose their trust and respect once they find out. Kiss and hug each other in front of the kids. And if one of you disagrees over a specific issue, use code word to indicate your disapproval. Your child mustn’t know what is going on.

Another trick that parents use on their kids is by using others their age as an example. For instance, if a child wants something you are seriously against, you can trick her to accept that your decision is the best. Don’t make her feel that you are wicked or harsh. You can use your next door neighbor’s child her age, as an example. Explain to her that your neighbor’s child avoids the things she is requesting because she knows how bad it can affect one’s wellbeing.


Have you ever come across parents say “I am doing my homework?” they simply imply that they are thinking of ways to trick their young kids. As a parent, you need to be smart and creative. Otherwise, your kids might make life miserable for you. Kids are smart and always needs attention. And they believe they have the power over their parents. But with a few tricks, you can get them to submit to your authority.

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