What Are the Most Common Complications of Going Through Detox?



It is mandatory when you are trying to quit or have stopped using the substance you are addicted to. Detoxification is necessary for a complete recovery from substance abuse. Many of us consider just any detox center, which invites a lot of dangers.

Most of us do not have the proper understanding and knowledge about substance abuse and its treatment; that is why there is a high chance of opting for the wrong detox program. You should always consider a reputed detox facility like Gallus Detox’s center that is equipped with trained and expert staff to take care of the patient.

Before we start knowing about common complications of detox, here are some basics about alcohol and drug detox.

What Is Drug And Alcohol Detox?

It is a process in which an individual stops using substances, and their body gets rid of the substances from their systems. Detoxification is the first stage of substance abuse recovery.

The term detox also indicated a detox program, which is typically the initial phase of an addiction treatment medical treatment program. A complete detox program that is duly medically supervised always offers the patients a comfortable and safe place to withdraw those substances they are addicted to.

All these programs usually incorporate medications into the detox phase in order to treat or relieve withdrawal symptoms along with preventing relapse.

Common Complications Of Detoxing From Drugs

On the basis of the substances the person is addicted to and also the severity of the addiction, the side effects of drug withdrawal usually vary. Every drug is absorbed and metabolized at a different rate, which means the withdrawal symptoms will be different for each individual using different types of drugs.

Influencing Factors

  • Any type of medical or mental health condition of the individual.
  • The type of drug that is used.
  • The particular method in which the substance was used, for example, smoking, oral, intravenously.
  • For how long the substance has been used.

For example, the individual who has been into drug addiction for a really long time will experience more severe withdrawal symptoms and detox complications than the person who takes drugs occasionally.

Here are some of the drugs, along with the detox complications of those substances.


Benzodiazepines detox comes with fever, sweating, trouble sleeping, increased blood pressure and heart rate, muscle aches, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, anxiety, tremors, seizures, hallucinations.


Opioids have a smaller list of detox complications than Benzodiazepines. The list includes chills, stomach cramps, diarrhea, insomnia, vomiting, nausea, sweating, runny nose, flu-like symptoms, anxiety, dilated pupils.


The common complications of cocaine detox are irritability, anxiety, agitation, lethargy, depression, increased appetite, and an increased need for sleep.

Common Complications Of Detoxing From Alcohol

When an individual becomes physically dependent on alcohol, they experience various withdrawal symptoms during the detox period. The more severe the addiction, the worse will also be the withdrawal symptoms.

When it comes to alcohol withdrawal or alcohol detox, the things can be incredibly uncomfortable and also dangerous. On the basis of the level of addiction an individual has developed, the detox process also varies. In some cases, if not medically supervised and treated, the individual can even lose their life during the detox.

The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol withdrawal might start eight hours after the person stops taking the substance and can reach the peak within 24 to 72 hours. All these symptoms might even last for days or weeks on the basis of the severity of the addiction, as we have mentioned before.

As per reports, around half of the individuals with alcohol addiction experience addiction-related withdrawal symptoms. Among them, 3 % to 4% of individuals suffer from severe, even life-threatening detox.

The Common Side Effects of Alcohol Detox

  • Mood swings.
  • Headaches.
  • Sweating.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Tremors.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritability.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Vomiting and an upset stomach.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • Shakiness.
  • Muscle pain.

Prevent The Substance Abuse Detox Complications

The main purpose of a medically configured detox program is to mitigate the severity and suffering from substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. During the time when an individual stops consuming the substances they are addicted to, a scarcity develops within their systems.

The main purpose of medical detox is to assist the patient in staying as comfortable as possible and, in the worst cases, saving their lives.

For different individuals with different substance abuse, the detox program is customized especially. Here, medical professionals offer round-the-clock support in order to make sure the patient is getting the right care for his or her condition.

In order to mitigate the complications of detox, along with having detox treatment medically, the individual also should keep certain things in mind for faster recovery. They include the following.

  • Keep themselves hydrated.
  • Taking prescribed detox medication.
  • As soon as the substances are stopped, opt for a medical detox program.
  • After detox, continue a substance abuse recovery treatment program.


In case you have any queries or doubts regarding detox, you can reach us anytime. We will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible. Till then, in order to clear your doubts, we are here with some of the most common questions and their answers.

Q1: How Long Do Withdrawals Last?

On the basis of several factors, the duration of withdrawal lasts. We have already mentioned them above in the article. Usually, the withdrawal lasts for around 3 to 5 days. In worse cases, they even can last for days and weeks.

Q2: What Is The Process Of Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is a combination of mental and physical effects that an individual suffers from when they stop using or at least reduce the substances they are addicted to.

Get Help, Come Out Sober

You have already suffered a lot due to the substance abuse and dependency you have developed over some particular substances. Let’s not make the recovery process another suffering, and for that, opting for a professional and medical detox program is necessary.

It is crucial to take care of withdrawal symptoms during the detox period. Search for the most suitable one for your addiction recovery and enroll yourself.

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