What Are The Foods Responsible For Cavities?

Most of us know how dental cavities can appear: Bacteria take place on the surface of the tooth and feed on the rest of sweet food. Then they start to produce acids that affect the enamel which can cause small holes. For sure, many people tend to tell you not to eat so much sugar and avoid sweets to prevent cavities. But did anyone ever explain in detail why this type of food can be notorious for your oral health and teeth? Let’s start by evoking an unpopular fact. Surprise! Sugar isn’t the only food responsible for cavities. Your dentist might tell you to reduce your consumption of other foods as well.

Free sugar: The main and popular cause

Added sugar and foods made with it are the first to avoid to prevent cavities. Added sugar comes from several sources such as white sugar, honey, brown sugar, fruit juices, fructose, glucose, and syrups. These ingredients represent sources of so-called free sugar due to its intake by the blood that fibers cannot slow down. But fruits have a different mechanism when it comes to absorption by the body. They contain nutrients including fiber that helps with slowing down the process. Free sugars are a direct cause of cavities since the bacteria start feeding on their rest as soon as you ingest them. To avoid this happening, you need to brush your teeth right after eating any sweet food.

Starch: An unexpected friend to oral bacteria

Processed food such as chips, crackers, bakeries, and pasta might not taste sweet. But, they are all composed of a certain amount of sugar. As a matter of fact, starch is a slow sugar. And let me tell you: It is one of the favorite foods for the bacteria in your mouth. On another side, saliva contributes to sticking the rest of the starch to the teeth’ surface. Unfortunately, most of the snacks contain starch besides the fact that most people tend not to brush their teeth after a snack. You need to avoid this habit as much as you can. It increases the risk of dental cavities and puts your teeth in danger.

Acidic foods: The disguised enemy of your teeth

Beyond types of food that contain sugars and starch, we can’t talk about the link between diet and cavities without evoking acidic foods and drinks. Those contribute to increasing the vulnerability of your teeth. Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, and citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, and tomato, are all characterized by a high level of acidity. The acid in these food attacks tooth enamel and makes it more vulnerable and at a higher risk of cavities. Exposing your teeth to acid foods causes erosion of the enamel. In other terms, the tooth loses the thickness and quality of the enamel. Weaker protection leads to higher vulnerability to bacteria, so cavities find the perfect ground to attack. That is why you need to reduce your consumption of acidic food and sipping acidic drinks during the day. Make sure to rinse at least your mouth after drinking them. If you can brush your teeth after every acidic drink you take, it would be a great habit to maintain healthy teeth and protect your mouth from cavities.

You must now have a better idea about the food types you need to avoid or at least watch and limit their consumption. Make sure to spread this information if you find them informative and helpful to raise awareness about oral health.

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