What Are The Costs Of Using A Moving Company To Relocate Out Of State?

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What are the expected total costs for an out of state move? To be sure, there is a difference between moving a state over and moving cross country. The mileage matters, as does the weight of your belongings. Are you going to move on your own or hire professionals to do the work? Let’s look at some average figures for that out of state move you are planning.

You can expect to pay, on average, about $4300 to move out of state. You may be thinking you can save money by doing everything yourself, but that’s not necessarily the case. As mentioned, however, there is a difference between moving cross country and moving one state over. That being said, the average figure of $4300 is attached to an average mileage figure of 1225 miles.

Let’s say that you’re not going to be traveling quite that many miles to get to your new location. To give you further perspective, the average cost for an intrastate move, meaning a move within the same state you’re currently living in, is around $2300. There is a $2000 gap.

Since you are moving interstate, you can expect your relocation costs to be within that given range, whether you do it yourself or not. You see, if you plan to move, you pay for the truck rental, gas, packing supplies, and everything else. Not only will you are likely to spend just as much money, but you’re out all that time, too.

Will this be time away from work? If you let the movers handle everything, and that gets you to work sooner, then you can recoup some of what you are spending already. And you can forget about the heavy lifting. The figure presented for the average interstate moving costs is tied to a weight of 7400 pounds. Can you imagine doing that much heavy lifting?

If lifting were only half of it, that would be too much. But the fact is you also have to do the packing and the planning. Staying organized during a move is not easy, and it helps to have the professionals taking care of everything for you.

While ballpark figures seem convincing enough, you are going to want to get specific quotes from moving companies based on your situation and you can do so by checking online moving cost calculator. There is a big difference between moving cross country with belongings that fit into an apartment and moving cross country with belongings that fit into a four-bedroom home. There would be a considerable price difference to be sure.

Furthermore, it matters what moving company you hire in terms of what you pay and what you are required to do. You might save some money if you are willing to pack up your belongings in boxes ahead of time. If you plan out your move well enough, you could do this little by little, not attempting to get everything done at once.

It costs enough money to have the movers transport all of your belongings. If you truly want to take a hands-off approach, then you are going to have to pay a little more. If you do pack up your belongings, find a company that is going to provide you with adequate packing supplies.

Sure, you could go around to various department stores gathering free boxes, but you still have to get the rest of the packing supplies ready to go. There is nothing wrong with looking for ways to save money, though. You’re going to certainly enjoy all the savings that come your way when planning a long distance interstate move.

Be sure that you do use what you have available to you, and make a point to try and downsize your belongings. As you can see, every pound counts, literally. You certainly want to keep everything you can, but you would be surprised how much junk you could get rid of if you give it a try.

Allow this move to be a shedding opportunity, meaning you shed some of your belongings. Maybe you get rid of a bunch of stuff sitting in your utility closet and shed. Perhaps you can even host a yard sale to help finance your move. Pack what is precious, and put the money you have into your new home. Most people find that they don’t need to take absolutely everything with them.

The earlier you start, the better off you’re going to be. You want to be sure that you can get this move planned out well in advance. Speaking with the moving companies well ahead of time and getting multiple online moving cost calculator is going to help you get squared away financially. It’s only a matter of time before you have to get moving. You’re excited, but you want to be sure you have all your ducks in a row.

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