What Are The Benefits of Using Computer Glasses?

computer glasses

Do your eyes burn after spending 8 hours working in front of a computer? Do they feel irritated or very dry, too? If your answer is yes to both questions, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out the benefits of using computer glasses. You’ll be surprised and will probably end up buying them afterwards.

So, take a look around you, and see how many computers there are at your workplace. Companies today depend on technology, and require employees to use desktop/laptop computers. As a matter of fact you’re probably using a computer to read this.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

If you’re under 40, and you already have a blurred vision, or if you experience eye strain while being in front of a computer screen, then you might have a CVS (computer vision syndrome). When your eyes are unable to focus on the screen, then you’re likely suffering from CVS.

People who suffer from CVS may not experience the same symptoms. One may experience headaches while another person, blurred vision. These are just two of the symptoms of CVS. Other symptoms include head and neck pain, dry eyes, and eye strain.

Because of this, Pixel Eyewear has come up with computer glasses that can help us prevent this problem. But what exactly are they, and what do they do?

Computer Glasses And How They Work

A lot of us think that we only need to use glasses to correct a vision problem. But this isn’t completely true. Not all glasses can solve whatever problems we have with our eyes.

Computer glasses are totally different from the regular prescription glasses. These glasses are specifically made for the purpose of reducing eye strain. We may get it from working in front of a computer screen for a prolonged period.

The truth is, most of us spend an average of 10 hours in front of a computer or any digital screen. That’s long enough to create a vision-related problem. It gets worse if we don’t take any precautionary action. While many of us feel that are eyes our tired at the end of the day, only a few of us take time to visit an optometrist.

How do computer glasses work? The anti-glare and anti-reflective coat on their lenses help reduce the glare that bounces off the screen. They also block the UV radiations coming from the screen. Even the tinted lenses can help increase the screen’s brightness or contrast when needed. Thus, our eyes do not get too much impact from them.

Benefits of Using Computer Glasses

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a result of high visual demands of working in front of a computer screen. This temporary condition happens if we stare at a computer screen or a digital screen for a prolonged period without eye protection.

We can eliminate this problem by making sure we are protected. And we can do this by using computer eyeglasses while being in front of a computer screen. But how does this work? Below are five benefits of using computer glasses.

  1. Computer eyeglasses reduce glare. Light bounces off the glass of our digital screens. This creates a glaring obstacle to our vision. The screen glare increases the difference between the light and darker areas on the screen. Because of this, our pupils struggle to keep up, until eventually, our eyes begin to protest.

By using computer eyeglasses, we are sure to protect our eyes from this problem. The glasses feature an anti-glare coating, which reduces the glare.

  1. Computer eyeglasses help us achieve good posture. Most of the time, when working in front of a computer, we tend to hunch closer to the screen. This helps us get a better view of the computer screen. But we know this never helps us.

By using computer eyeglasses, we can get a clearer vision from a regular distance which reduces the need to strain our neck and back. This also reduces the headaches we get as we strain our eyes too much. Ultimately this helps us correct our bad posture.

  1. Computer eyeglasses help us with better eye focus. Computer eyeglasses help correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is a type of refractive error which causes our vision to be blurry. A lot of eyewear companies take the severity of people’s eye conditions into consideration. They take measurements for our lenses. This is to ensure that the optical center of each of the lenses lays in front of our pupils when we use them. These glasses have the power to help us keep objects in focus.

  2. Computer eyeglasses can filter the harmful blue light. We already know that our computer screens can omit harmful blue violet radiations. Exposure to these radiations can cause problems to us. Such problems include sleep cycle disruptions, eye strain, and macular degeneration.

We can use computer eyeglasses with yellow-tinted lenses to protect our eyes. They increase the contrast and protect us from harsh lights coming from the computer screens.

  1. Computer eyeglasses reduce the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. A recent research shows that employees who work using computers often experience reduced accuracy and productivity. This is how CVS affects us. To help reduce its effects, we need to invest in protective glasses which offer us comfort and ensure good eye health.

Pixel Eyewear offers a solution to get rid of the symptoms of CVS while working in front of a computer for a prolonged period. Using their computer eyeglasses can also help improve our sleep.

These are the benefits of using protective glasses. Note that using them while working isn’t required at all. If you’re not experiencing CVS, or any problem associated with it, then you don’t have to wear these glasses.

However, if you experience any symptom related to CVS, then don’t ignore it. It may only worsen the situation. If this is the case, check out Pixel Eyewear and go get yourself a pair of computer glasses to protect yourself from digital eye strain and discomfort.

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