What Are the Advantages of Group Therapy?

Many people in Malibu struggle with substance abuse disorders. Group therapy is a type of counseling in which a therapist works with a group of people suffering from a common psychological condition, like substance abuse disorder. One group can be composed of as few as three, and up to twelve members. The group’s rules may vary in that some groups can be open, where they allow new members to join. Closed therapy groups have a fixed number of members and do not allow new members to join the group.

Most therapy groups meet weekly and may last for about two hours. During group therapy in Malibu, you interact with people who are struggling with the same problem as you are. This is an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, and you will also be encouraged by listening to people who have had a successful recovery. If you are considering joining a support group, you may seek help from a qualified specialist.

What Are the Types of Group Therapy?

There are five types of group therapy: psychoeducational groups, cognitive-behavioral groups, support groups, and skills development groups.  Expressive groups, relapse prevention treatment groups, communal and culturally specific groups are specialized types of therapy groups. Your therapist will choose a therapy group that is most effective for you.

Psychoeducational therapy groups are groups that focus on helping people to manage their anger, to resolve conflicts, and to deal with trauma and family issues. Cognitive therapy groups help to enhance recovery in people who are having psychological problems. When you join a skills development therapy group, you will learn new skills that will help you to cope with your situation, including relaxation techniques.

Support groups focus on helping people from relapsing after they recover from an addiction to a substance. These groups are also useful in teaching people some coping skills to allow them to deal with trauma. Expressive groups teach people about art, dance, and drama, which are some of the ways of coping with stressful conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

When you join group therapy, you will get an opportunity to interact with people who are dealing with the same condition as you. As you share your experiences in the group, you will build on your confidence and self-esteem, which is essential in mental health. Sharing your problems in a space with no judgment helps you avoid guilt, pain, and shame.

During group therapy, you will also learn new skills that will help you avoid addiction. You will benefit more from group therapy when you are open about what you are going through and accept feedback and suggestions on how to recover from your therapist and the group members. There is the freedom to express yourself in the group, and you can always talk to your therapist about issues that you are not comfortable with, and if you want to join a different group.

Group therapy offers a safe space for dealing with psychological issues to discuss their problems with the therapist and other group members. Group therapy helps people dealing with substance addiction to recover from the pain and avoid a relapse after recovery. Your therapist will choose a therapy group that is effective for you.

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