What Are Diet Supplements And Do They Work?

diet suplements

As manufacturers push the limits of artificial foods and fill store shelves with fattening sweets and soft drinks, the obesity epidemic has become worse than ever. Over two-thirds of Americans are classified as either overweight or obese. This has naturally drawn many companies to develop products that promise to address this growing issue.

One of the most popular products is dietary supplements. These usually come in the form of pills and they promise to boost your energy, help you lose weight faster, and make you feel better. It’s difficult to determine just how effective these supplements are, as they vary in terms of ingredients and have different effects on different people.

But, it’s important to know if the supplements you decide to purchase will work for you and whether they are truly worth your money, or whether you’d be better off losing it through more traditional methods.

What Are They?

The first thing you’ll notice about any type of dietary supplement is the label. On this label, you’ll find a list of all the active and added ingredients. A suggested serving size and consumption instructions are usually included as well. Understanding exactly what each ingredient is and what it does for you is important.

The ingredients the manufacturer has decided to include in each pill are usually based on a certain diet. A supplement made for those on a ketogenic diet, for example, would contain ingredients that help them burn fat faster and increase metabolism. It would also be free of sugar – something very important in a keto diet.

To get an idea of the ingredients and benefits of a diet supplement, such as the one explained above, check out this aSquared review.

Are They Effective?

How effective a diet supplement is will depend mainly on your genetics and the food you eat. If you’re naturally deficient in a certain vitamin, you may benefit from taking a supplement that provides concentrated doses of it. In the same light, if your diet lacks certain essential nutrients, a supplement may be necessary.

More extreme weight loss diets that restrict that type of foods you can eat may leave you lacking certain vitamins, which is where a dietary supplement will come in handy. However, this doesn’t mean dietary supplements are superior to the real thing. Eating a complete, balanced diet will always be the better way to go.

Are They Safe?

Due to the concentrated nature of most supplements, high doses of them, especially when your body doesn’t need those nutrients, can be harmful. If you’re taking them in place of your medication or in combination with certain medications, it can pose a risk to your health.

Always be sure to do your research, to understand how supplement manufacturers make these products and just what you’re putting into your body. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend money on a product that only makes you feel worse.


At the end of the day, frequent exercise and healthy eating will always beat any type of artificial product. But if you want to see results faster or are unable to put time into traditional weight loss methods, supplements may just be worth a try.

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