Welcome The Winter Season With the Snow Flake Lane Parade

Mark your calendars for one of the most exciting winter parades Washington has to offer its residents and visitors. The Snowflake Lane parade held by The Bellevue Collection takes place at 7 PM each evening from November 29th through December 24th, 2019. The yearly event doesn’t cost any money to attend and takes place on the sidewalks between Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square (from NE 4th to NE 8th).

The parade features an exciting cast of characters as well as snowflakes, upbeat music, toy drummers, and dancers. It’s the perfect event to attend with your family as it was created to be enjoyed by all ages. Appearances from Santa Claus are a highlight of the parade.

If you want to spend the holidays visiting a place you haven’t been before or one that you couldn’t explore during the winter, here is your excuse. You have several weeks to attend the parade, too, making it easy to make plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas spent in the Bellevue/Seattle area.

The Best Places to Stay in the Bellevue/Seattle Area

One of the things that comes up while planning a trip is which hotels near Downtown Bellevue are there? There are many to choose from with the Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue and the Hilton Bellevue being two of the most popular accommodations in the area. Each has its own list of room features and amenities to offer to guests.

Sights to See While in Downtown Bellevue

Before attending the parade, you’ll likely want to do some sightseeing. The Bellevue/Seattle area is nothing short of fantastic. It offers diverse experiences ranging from the culinary exploration of the city’s most excellent restaurants to viewing artwork at the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM).

The winter weather makes many of the outdoor parks and recreational areas too cold to visit, but there are many indoor activities for you to enjoy solo or with your family if they’re on vacation with you. For example, there is the KidsQuest Children’s Museum, The Shops at The Bravern, and Bellevue Square.

Places to Eat During Your Stay in Washington

Food is something everyone can agree on enjoying while visiting the Bellevue/Seattle area. Finding places to eat that are close to the hotel benefits you because you’re not forced to travel long distances, especially if you have small children with you. Some of the most popular places to dine in the city include Daniel’s Broiler, Zig Zag Café, Black Bottle, Lot #3, and Bis on Main.

There are many ethnicities represented in the cuisine served throughout the city. Greek, Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Thai, and Mexican are just a few of the options awaiting you. There are also comfort food dishes, farm-to-table concept restaurants, and food trucks galore offering you choices beyond your wildest imagination.

Make Your Holiday Season One to Remember This Winter

Make the Snow Flake Lane Parade in Seattle/Bellevue a priority this year. Now that you know all the details about the event, plan your trip around it. You’ll have no problem locating hotels near Downtown Bellevue, so you’re able to be in the heart of all the action.

You’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season in a truly memorable way. Not only will you come back with precious memories to share with others, but you’ll also have fallen in love with a city that you’re sure to visit again. Attending the Snowflake Lane parade just once in your lifetime isn’t enough!

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