Weight Watcher Online Helps In Weight Loss

Weight Watchers has done a lot for many people over the years and the latest addition the weight watcher online site takes that help to another level.  And one of those levels is acknowledging that there is a distinct gender difference when it comes to weight loss. Weight watcher online has dedicated sections to both men and women.

Weight loss is a common goal on both men and women but they have different motivating factors and they also have different barriers that make their weight loss program challenging.  By identifying what the two sexes share when it comes to weight loss and then identifying where they differs weigh watcher online is able to provide help that is specific to each sex.

So what are the motivators for the guys?  Exercise is a big motivator for men.  In fact they are much more likely than women to include physical activity as part of their weight loss program.  They also tend to have much more realistic goals about how much weight they can loose how fast.

According to weight watcher online, another motivator for men is a medical event such as a heart attack.  In fact according to NWCR those men that have lost 30 pounds and kept it off for more than a year were motivated by a medical event.

Men also have different barriers than women. For starters, men are less likely to see themselves as being overweight at all and they are also less likely to actually seek to loose weight unless there is a motivator.

On the other hand women are much more motivated to lose weight.  Some of that is a result of social image to be thinner.  Women are also much more interested in just what it is they are eating.  Nutrition is much more important.

According to Weight Watcher Online, women find it harder to get involved physically and they also set goals that are very unrealistic.  Child bearing and menopause are also barriers that women face.

Much Online weight Watcher site, does a great job or recognizing these differences and providing tips for both men and women.  There’s plenty of other great information on the site too including recipes, and success stories.

If you need to loose a few pounds why not give weight watchers a try ?  You can attend a weekly meeting and get started or you can choose to use the weight watcher online.  There point system is easy to understand and easy to use.

Meetings will help keep you motivated.  Weight Watcher Online can offer you the same type of motivation including a host of information that can be useful in your plan to shed pounds.  You can combine the two sources or you can pick one and stick by it.  The choice is yours.

Weight watcher online has all kinds of great recipe ideas to help you get the most out of your points and if you’d just like to chat a bit with someone else that’s also trying to lose weight why not stop by the community.  And the marketplace has all kinds of products for you to try.  Be sure to check it out.

So whether you are a guy or a girl Weight Watcher Online has help for you.

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