Weight Loss Surgery Reduces Migraines


Those of us, “Poor Souls” who get regular attacks of migraine will be ready to swap it with any other disease to get rid of migraine. Personally I would, however, I have somehow cured my migraine, no migraine for me in the last year or so, but more on that later, in another post. Weight loss is another issue that bothers many, being fat can not only take you out of style but also it does brings in quite a lot of disease with it. So if you are obese and you have migraine and you are wondering what your next step should be, this article should be something which might interest you. Now, how about hitting two targets with one bullet. A new study has come up with results that show a weight loss surgery can cure or at least aid in curing migraines as well.

The research had been carried out in the weight loss research department of the Miriam hospital. The Doctor in charge of this study was Dale Bond. He is a Ph.D. and a researcher. He clearly stated that obesity is usually connected to migraine and aids in worsening its frequency and magnitude, however it has not yet been proven by any study. This current study, done on patients with a history of migraine and who has lost about 60 pounds of weight in a weight loss surgery had shown positive results on their migraine. Their migraine frequency has improved and they got the migraine attacks after a longer duration and the effect of it was also less severe.

Weight loss surgery has been previously connected with providing a positive effect on the patient’s heart. I remember to have written that article – “improve your heart with weight loss surgery“, about 2 months back. So, over all, losing weight has a lot of benefit, at least these studies has to say so.

So, if you are a migraine patient and looking forward to a solution, and you happen to be overweight or obese, what will you do? In that case, here is a few key points of this study that you should put into account. Firstly it does not cure migraine, it just shows a positive reduction in the frequency and magnitude of the migraine attacks. And secondly, a lot of questions are still unanswered, like what are the other factors that might be responsible for this positive change in the patient’s migraine condition, apart from the surgery.

I still recommend proper diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight and perhaps surgery will still be only for those that are severely obese. Your doctor will give you the final answer on this anyway.

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