Ways to Easily Include Supplements in Your Child’s Diet


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Adding supplements to your kids’ diet ensures they get all the nutrients. However, getting the kids to take the supplements can be tricky, especially if they don’t taste so good. The same way you struggle when they are taking medicine, it can also be the same with supplements. Therefore, you need to find ways to get around it. It is possible to make your kids take food supplements without even noticing. Here are several ideas to try out.

  1. Make Everything Fun

You will have trouble getting your kids to take supplements if you have to use force. Instead of forcing them, make them take supplements willingly by making it fun. For example, you can mix colloidal silver for kids in juices or smoothies and give them rather than using water only. You could also make it fun by telling them that their superhero takes supplements too to defeat their enemies. Look for something creative to make the kids take the food supplements without struggle.

  1. Disguise the Supplements

It can be challenging to get your children to take diet supplements. However, they have to do it. Another way you can make them take the supplement is by disguising them in drinks and foods. As mentioned earlier, adding supplements to drinks can be a fun way. It is also an excellent trick to ensure the kids take the supplements without noticing.

Nonetheless, it is advisable to be careful with the dosage when adding them to food and drinks. Some of these supplements are already in liquid form. So, it is easy to stir them in yogurts and juices.

  1. Let it Be a Family Thing

A child may copy what you are doing. So, if you consider supplements a family thing, getting the kids to take theirs might be easy. Let everyone, including the parents, take their supplements in the morning or any time you find fit. This way, your kid may not want to be the odd one out and will take their supplement willingly.

  1. Reward

Rewarding your kids with treats can also be a great idea when they agree to take the supplements. The reward idea will motivate them every time you offer supplements. Come up with a reward chart. For example, you can reward them by the number of ticks they get for taking the supplements. This is a good way of motivating them to take supplements. It brings a sense of achievement and responsibility.

  1. Tell Them the Truth

Your kid may not like the supplements because of their taste or simply because they don’t know why they are taking them. It is best to be honest with them. Tell them about the taste and why it is essential to take them. Let them know supplements are good things that will help their body grow.

Final Thoughts!

Getting your kids to take supplements is not an easy job. However, the things mentioned above can make it possible and fun. So, try them out to ensure the diet you provide to your kids meets the nutritional value.

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