Warts, Causes and Possible Treatments

Warts are definitely not a gentle topic. If you have ever had or have a wart, you know how difficult they have the possibility to be to get rid of it. And it is more serious if you have even more of a wart. As they begin to spread, they really can turn out to be difficult to get rid of.

What can cause warts?

Warts are contagious and can spread to other parts of your body, or transmitted to other family members or people who come into contact with you. For this reason, it is especially important to understand how to remove warts naturally already on the first sign. Young warts are most often much easier to remove. The older a wart is, the even more difficult and tedious this treatment becomes.

Warts also have the potential to be surgically removed by a medical surgeon or doctor at the hospital. Surgical removal of warts, however, is only necessary in more exceptional cases, and is particularly expensive and painful.


How to Remove Warts?

Formic acid: The removal of warts with formic acid is especially another method of therapy that dries the wart and only needs to be done weekly. The solution was easy to administer and can be applied to warts on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. The solution instantly enters the wart, leaves no mark on the skin and is not visible. For example, socks or trousers that have the possibility to be put at the same time after disposal.

Cryotherapy, a cold procedure in which the warts are frozen, can even be done in your home. The much more common ice-forming products contain dimethyl ether or a blend of dimethyl ether and propane gas (DMEP), from which ice the warts at a temperature of approx. – 55 ° C. The most common ice-forming dietary supplements contain dimethyl ether or a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane gas (DMEP). But now there is a new choice for cryotherapy in self-medication: nitrous oxide, 1 cold gas that freezes the wart at about -80 ° C.

Salicylic acid is applied day by day and causes wart detachment. If this treatment is effective, the wart should disappear in up to three months.

This Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is especially a corrosive solution which, similar to salicylic acid, eliminates the main layer of the wart. TCA is an even stronger acid than salicylic acid, and the arrangement of the solution requires a lot of care. If it is not possible to remove the wart completely, the wart can be formed again at any time.

Monochloroacetic acid (AMCA) is a corrosive solution close to salicylic acid. AMCA is a more intense acid than salicylic acid, and an application of the solution requires several precautions.

The elimination of warts in a clinic …

Surgical intervention may be advisable if a wart does not go away for years, if it causes pain or if there is no success by treatment with the remedies available at the pharmacy.

Warts are usually burned away by electrosurgery or laser treatment. In electrosurgery, high frequency electric current is especially driven through the wart, which leads to an “burning” of the wart. If the laser method is used to remove the wart, this warty tissue is destroyed by intensive laser irradiation.

In cryotherapy liquid nitrogen is injected into the wart, which reaches its point by boiling at about -190 ° C and “freezes” the wart. This procedure has to be repeated after a few weeks, and the wart tissue must be frozen again.

If surgical removal / scraping is necessary, the wart is cut or scraped with a scalpel or some similar instrument. This surgical procedure, sometimes, must be repeated to eliminate the wart in its entirety.

Monochloroacetic acid (AMCA) is occasionally used for the clinical treatment of warts.

Current Treatment Option (2018)

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Types of Wart

Common warts (so-called “verrucae vulgaris” in Latin) are benign tumors or skin tumors caused by papillomaviruses. The most common forms are prickly warts, mosaic warts, plantar warts, warts and genital warts.

Some are barely visible in the epidermis, others have a range of colors, sizes and shapes. Most often, they appear on the hands, feet and face. Common warts are widely contagious. A small lesion hits the virus as 1 entrance portal. In pharmacies, there are many means of self-treatment, such as for example warts tinctures or ice sprays using liquid nitrogen. The dermatologist can surgically eliminate the laser wart being less invasive. In some cases, irritating growths go away on their own, for example, throughout adolescence, as the immune system changes.


Common warts are very normal in children and adolescents. The danger of infection is 30 to 40% in adults, however, only about 2 to 3%. Genital warts mainly affect young people between the ages of 20 and 25. The chance of you getting infected with 1 human papilloma virus during your lifetime was about 80%.

Causes / Symptoms / History

The determinant pathogenic agent for warts was the human papilloma virus. The infection is especially transmitted by touch. Concerning small lesions in the epidermis or mucous membranes between these pathogens of the organism. If a wart develops it depends heavily on the human immune system. This incubation period is also very different. It could turn out to be 2 to 3, but also up to 20 months. Once the wart is there, it is usually characterized by great stubbornness. Most warts do not cause symptoms, in rare cases they cause a mild itch. As they usually occur in normally visible places, they are detected by patients as visibly irritating.

Warts on the sole of the foot may also come to nail pain by repeated pressure. In these cases, you should not wait to see if the wart disappears alone. In particular, children give way to pain and take the course of maladaptation. This can have a heavy effect on the musculoskeletal system. Most of these warts are benign.

The old warts should be accompanied from time to time by a doctor-dermatologist who have an opportunity to notice any change. If genital warts are suspected, the doctor’s visit is also widely referenced, as they develop stubborn genital warts, which in turn have the potential to increase development from abdominal cancer.

What types of warts are there?

 Filiform Warts

Thorny warts are also known as normal warts. They occur under the shape of bulging, hard lumps, alternating the size of a pin head to that of a pea. Afterwards, they can make it possible to berry and turn gray. There is a tendency for the formation of the daughter’s warts. Preferred locations for barbed warts are hands, fingers and soles.

 Warts brush

Brush warts are a sub-form of common warts, but they are much rarer. Mostly they are very small and provided with various similar growths in a cable. They can be white to pink in color and occasionally show brown discoloration on top. Brush warts mainly occur around these eyes, eyelids, mouth and neck and therefore are visually very disturbing.

Mosaic warts

As they occur mostly on the surface of the foot, they are often called plantar warts. In most cases, they are no larger than a head and are whitish in color. Mosaic warts can form many side warts, but they do not cause pain.

Plantar warts

In contrast to using mosaic warts, plantar warts (also called plantar warts) can cause mild to severe pain. They also appear on the soles of these feet, grow in the depths and press like a thorn in the skin at every step. Plantar warts may have a slightly curled and rough surface to the outside, but appear flat. Their own extension usually only becomes noticeable when they are removed. Plantar warts can simply be confused with the branches. In contrast to warts, the cause of their development was not a viral infection, however, especially with very tight and / or tight footwear. The skin “defends” against pressure with the formation of a wart, which grows in depth and style a kind of spur. Primarily, the grains can be treated well using wart ointments or pharmacy patches.

Age Warts

There are actually warts. The warts of age (Verrucae seborrhoicae) develop in adults since the age of 50 years. In dispute with normal warts, which are transmitted by viruses, age warts arise as a result of damage from sun exposure. They can come in a colossal diversity shapes, colors and sizes: from an oval round, very small to the size of a bean, from the dark to sublime point inlaid, from light to heavy brown. Older warts can develop in any part of the body, especially on the face, hands, chest, back and scalp. The age warts are usually benign but in some cases are not easily distinguishable from skin cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to clarify with this dermatologist.

Genital warts

Genital warts (Condylomata acuminata) occur primarily in the genitals, anus, sometimes in the vagina, urethra or rectum. Infection is especially usually through sexual contacts with special forms of human papillomavirus, and even years can pass through until an infection is diagnosed. In the primary stage, genital warts appear as tiny nodules and may have a reddish, brownish or precisely whitish color. Sometimes they are so flat they go unnoticed. In some cases, also similarly identical identically together can reach higher growths. Individuals in the age range of 20-25 are more likely to become infected using genital warts. In most cases, genital warts are harmless; however, any types of HPV may be involved in the growth of some types of abdominal cancer.

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