Warm, Comfy Space For Gynecology and Obstetrics Services

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When a health problem is very personal, people require a warm and comfy space to express themselves to the physician. The need to develop a safe space for women with diverse health challenges drove Doctor Brougher to start Bluebonnet OB/GYN. Nurse Practitioner Laurie assists in realizing the vision of the doctor. Additionally, the office location is in San Antonio, Texas. The facility offers a variety of services, including pregnancy and menopause care. There are some treatments offered in the form of surgeries and laser therapies. The facility designs its treatments to guarantee sexual wellness throughout the life of a woman.

Additionally, the specialists at the office help come up with materials that promote sexual wellness among women. For instance, they try to explain why women might have abnormal bleeding and offer tips for a smooth pregnancy. Also, they have indicated what determines the eligibility of a woman for hormone therapy. Therefore this information has come from professionals who can help patients make important decisions regarding their lives.

The clinic offers a unique service called the MonaLisa touch. The treatment uses laser technology to restore the functionality of the vagina, which might be suffering because of low estrogen levels. More so, the treatment eliminates the need for surgery or hormones to combat vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity in the vagina. The MonaLisa device inserted in the vaginal canal triggers collagen and elastin production, which increases moisture and cell regeneration. The treatment provides a solution to women who are already experiencing menopause. Also, as a precaution to ensure your future health, the doctors offer a well-woman exam. In this exam, the patient gets an evaluation of the breast, weight, abdomen, thyroid gland, and blood pressure. The exam allows early detection of cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Additionally, the hospital provides care for women before, during, and after menopause. The physicians encourage the patient to talk about their intimacy concerns so as to be able to treat the patient fully. The services during menopause help keep the woman healthy through early detection of health risks resulting from lowered estrogen levels.

The facility also offers Botox, icon laser, and sculpSure body contouring. Botox helps eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin to retain a youthful look. Icon laser may be a better option for you than Botox, as it works instantly and has varied treatments. Lastly, sculpSure body contouring involves eliminating stubborn fat through laser energy.

The Bluebonnet clinic ensures that women have a free space to voice their reproductive health issues. The proprietors of the clinic designed it to be warm and comfortable for patients. Also, the medical personnel seeks to walk with patients before and after changes in their sexual wellbeing. The laser treatments at the hospital help women to have a youthful look for their body and skin. More so, the MonaLisa touch helps the women undergoing menopause to avoid complications of the same. Therefore, if you are looking for a team committed to making you feel great as a woman, please book an appointment with the facility.

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