Want to Become A Stylist? Best Tips In The Year!

Here is How Ever since Adam bit the apple, clothes have become a very big part of our lives. We all love clothes. That is why brands like Gucci and Versace are making a serious killing right now. I mean, after all, it is part of the three most basic needs right? Speaking of Versace and basic needs, the only reason big brands are milking our pockets dry and we don’t mind is that of their amazing stylists.


You know, the people who sit behind their desks all day trying to come up with ideas on how you can turn materials into a Rihanna outfit. So many people would kill for this job! Funny thing is, you don’t need to be a genius in order to figure out how to become a stylist. You can literally come up with the craziest idea and turn it into something that will get featured in the New York or Milan Fashion Week. So how exactly do you turn your fashion for clothes into a career? I am glad you asked. Let me teach you a thing or two: Know Your Fabrics Style comes from clothes, clothes come from fabric.

A few examples include

• Hemp

• Silk

• Linen

• Leather

• Denim

• Jute

In simple terms when I put hemp or ramie fabrics in your hands, you have to know what to do with it. You must know what silk does and why you shouldn’t use jute in certain attires. Get acquainted with your ABCs on fabrics.

Find Your Niche Before you even know the different types of fabric, you should definitely find your lane. It is like being a musician; you can either be a rapper, RnB singer, Country Singer or Pop Star.

The same goes for fashion. Are you more inclined to street wear? Office wear? Show pieces? I mean, the categories are endless. You definitely can’t be into all of them. Find your lane and stick to it. Fashion Events / Seminars Try and be at the forefront of everything concerning style and fashion.

Every single event and seminar should find you seated in the front row or somewhere near the stage. Connect with other enthusiasts like you and exchange knowledge and ideas. Connect With People You are only a stylish if people like and admire what you put out. If nobody is rocking your custom-made masterpiece then you are just another hopeful wannabe. It is the people who will determine the success of your styling career. The same goes for any other career. Social Media Guru Don’t you just love the social media! I mean, we live in an era when you can get instant feedback from all across the world. Now that you are ready to show the world what you are made of, just put a few photos on Instagram of your latest creation and the world instantly tells you if it’s hot or not. You can literally get shared on twitter over a million times if your style is the hottest in the street. You have free and instant marketing in your hands. So go ahead and use it.

There are so many ways to excel in anything nowadays. What a time to be alive! Other quick tips that quickly come to mind include

1. Do your research on the internet

2. Intern for another stylist

3. Take up a course in fashion

4. Always keep up with the latest fashion trends You literally have no excuse for not making it.

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