Wait Until You See the Latest Blackhead Removal Technique That Reddit Is Going Crazy Over!

Blackheads, as you probably know, are insanely stubborn little pests. It seems as if no matter how much we wash our face and exfoliate, many of us still find our noses dotted with blackheads. If your nose more closely resembles a strawberry, than a key sensory organ, you’ve probably looked into blackhead removal on more than one occasion.

For many of us, there is something disgustingly satisfying about watching blackheads being removed from the pores in the face, especially around the nose, which is one reason why blackhead removal strips proved to be so popular.

It’s also why hundreds of thousands of us watch blackhead removal videos online every single day. Now, if you’ve a fascination with blackhead removal, or if you simply wish to clean up your pores slightly, you may wish to head over to the hugely popular Reddit site, and visit the Skincare Addiction sub-forum. Why? Because the guys and gals over there believe that they have discovered the secret to super clean pores and immaculate skin. What is this amazing blackhead removal technique that Reddit is obsessed with? Well, it’s known as Skin Gritting, and once you’ve learnt more about it, you’ll almost certainly want to give it a shot yourself.

What causes blackheads? – We know, we know, you’re desperate to learn more about skin gritting, but as the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait’. Before we show you the blackhead removal technique that has the world up in arms, we’ll first take a look at what blackheads are, and what causes them in the first place. Put very simply, blackheads are basically pores on your face, especially the nose, which have become blocked with various forms of dirt and debris, which, when exposed to oxygen, has oxidized and turned black. So basically, those tiny little blackheads we see in the mirror every morning, are dirt, dust, and other debris that has clogged your pores and turned black via oxidation. Gross!

What the heck is skin gritting? – Ah, the moment of truth. Now that we know what blackheads are, and what causes them, we’ll now look at skin gritting – the blackhead removal technique that Reddit, and the internet in general, has gone crazy over. Skin gritting is a cleansing technique where an oil cleanser is applied to the face and gently massed into the skin. Next up, a clay-based mask is applied to the face and allowed to dry. The clay mask is then cleaned away via another round of oil-based massage. The end result is a series of tiny ‘grits’ left on your hands, which are in fact, the blackheads causing you all that trouble.

How does skin gritting work? – Skin gritting is actually very simple, which is one of the reasons why people are so impressed. The first layer of oil helps to penetrate deep into the pores, softening the debris and dislodging it slightly. The clay mask then further dislodges the debris in the pores and brings the grime to the surface. The final layer of oil-based cleansing massage, which should be performed against the grain, works to remove the dislodged blackheads from the pores completely. The end result will be you left with a hugely satisfying collection of tiny black ‘grits’ that are in fact, blackheads removed from your face.

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