Vitamin-enriched Liquor: Can it Cure Hangovers?

From New York to the state of Florida, people across the United States enjoy alcohol. From corporate happy hours to an effective July 4th celebration, alcoholic beverages play a part in American society. Unfortunately, too much beer or hard cider can lead to a hangover. No one wants that. To help combat this, people are infusing nutrients into alcohol to mitigate feeling terrible after a day of drinking. But does adding vitamins and supplements really work? Let’s find out.

The vitamins and nutrients that are supposed to help with your hangover.


The supplement industry is thriving in the U.S. Of course, so is the sale of alcohol beverages. So, what nutritional supplements would blend these two worlds together? Start with a quality vitamin manufacturer. The supplement manufacturer plays a pivotal role in what spirits distributors and distillers can add to their products. Makers Nutrition provides superior supplements with custom formulations and a variety of customizable options. From liquids to capsules to softgels, their line of supplements products is ideal for keeping you in optimal health. They can also help with a hangover.

Vitamin B is probably the most well-known dietary supplement to help with a hangover. The vitamin supplements of B1, B6, and B12 can help boost your metabolism which can help suppress the symptoms of a hangover. Vitamin D has also been known to give your tomorrow self a bright future. Though it can be found in the garden of life from the sun, bolstering your dietary supplements with vitamin D has been found to help your immune system. Zinc is another high-quality product that has been used to fend off the issues of too much alcohol consumption. Zinc is another supplement product that can help raise your metabolism and burn off the alcohol in your system.

Why add dietary supplements to the liquor instead of taking them another way.


Probably the biggest question you’re asking yourself is why would the liquor and vitamin industry make it a standard process to add supplements to our alcohol? The main reason is that nearly every step of the way there is a reason to do it. Consider the process for the brewer and the distiller. From the outset, they aim to eliminate contaminants, use the highest quality ingredients, and keep a level of quality control to their process. Their standard operating procedures lend themselves to the inclusion of other raw materials, like vitamins, into their offerings.

There is also the fact that some of these vitamins and minerals could be used to enhance the flavor as well. Companies are already looking for ways to expand the potency and taste of their product, and a range of supplements could help with that process. Additionally, the alcoholic beverage distributor would become a primary buyer of the supplement company. It would reduce product quality to the manufactures of the alcohol. Also, it simplifies the process for the consumer. People forget to take their vitamins daily. If they’ve been drinking, they’re less likely to remember to take them. Putting your dietary supplement health products in your alcohol would eliminate a step.

Can adding supplements and vitamins to liquor cure a hangover?

As much as the local microbrewery or state winery might like to think it’s possible, hangover cure-alls aren’t real. Such beverages just don’t exist, and there is no cure for a hangover. That doesn’t mean vitamins can’t help the flavor and the nutrients of the liquor you drink. If you limit your own consumption, drink beverages with lower alcohol content, and your beverage contains higher vitamins, there is a good chance you’ll be feeling better off than the person who didn’t do those things.

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